Winter is nice! Why does it have to be so dry?!

As we approach the winters, we already have a list of things we’d LOVE to indulge in; i.e. laze in bed with your furry quilt and a warm cuppa’ hot cocoa, go camping with friends and enjoy a BBQ, sing alone the bonfire with randos at the beach while basking in the cold sea breeze. Unfortunately, the season comes with a major con! Let’s fight dry skin together - read on to know what you can do.


You know your sunscreen is your best friend, irrespective of the weather outside. Let the sun hide, but don’t hide your sunscreen! UV-B rays might be lesser during winters, but UV-A rays (which are the main cause of aging and pigmentation) are at an all time high. Vitamin D content in UV rays is much lesser during winters, so you might want to consider oral supplements for it. But never stop wearing sunscreen, irrespective of the weather! 

Toner. Moisturiser. Sunscreen. Repeat.

When rich (heavily moisturising) skincare products are used in the day, general pollution, dust and stress interferes with the process of the formula hydrating your skin from within. Hence, it’s advisable to use skincare with ingredients like petrolatum & mineral oils before bed so that the formulation gets enough time to heal and hydrate your skin, without having to fight pollutants and skin barriers. 

Chapped lips & dry hands? “No-no!”

Lips seem like the driest things on the body during the winters, and the worst things to do would be to lick ‘em. This only increases the dryness and can cause something called ‘lick eczema’ as the tongue carries various acids & bacteria from what we eat. Lip masks & balms with moisturising ingredients like shea butter, castor seed oil, and sun-protective ingredients like zinc oxide work well. And for the hands, if it’s already too late for precautionary measures, apply hand creams or cold before bed and wear cotton gloves as well, to ensure optimum effect. Bye bye dry hands & chapped lips. HELLO SMOOTH HANDS & PLUMP LIPS!

Bath tub season! 

Go for bath bombs & soaps with moisturising ingredients like shea butter & chestnut, and soak in the happiness! In case you’re a ‘shower’ girl, soaps & bath milks enriched with ceramides, squalene, and lactic acid works wonders on dry, dull skin. Bathe away to glory…