LoveChild Masaba

Curated and attested by Masaba Gupta.
LoveChild is an honest, embracive, and playfully‑vibrant beauty brand, made with empathy at its core.
The brand offers an extensive range of high‑performing products for all ages, skin colours & cultures.
Enabling a unique expression of self-love, LoveChild celebrates YOU!

‘‘LoveChild as a term has been weaved into my destiny ever
since I was born; and now it’s time to weave that destiny into
a brand. For many years I’ve looked at this as a negative, so I
thought it was time to make it a positive with a new range
that would resonate with individuals who have been labelled all their lives too.’’

“Being a woman of colour and belonging to two different ethnicities, it was really difficult for me to find cosmetics that would suit my skin colour and type. Also, dealing with acne and sensitive skin for over 15 years, I grew up loving all my mum’s makeup but disliking what it did to my skin. This is where LoveChild fits in; to overcome these consumer need-gaps. I also think that skin troubles arise from an overburdened mind and stressors of various kinds. If you are not feeling your best, it will show on your skin. This is why we are here!”

While the brand is aspirational,
LoveChild is also accessible for young millennials who wish to get their hands on
the signature Masaba aesthetics. It is our promise that each of our products is vegan,
cruelty-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free.

Another endeavour for the brand is to reduce the barriers and social hesitations that may come with approaching beauty and wellness for first-time enthusiasts. And our answer to this, is the Cosmo-wellness Journal. This journal contains tips, hacks, and recommendations by Masaba that are easy to adopt in your daily routine.