Top 4 (super easy) Ayurvedic Bridal Treatments

It’s all about the long game, when it comes to Ayurveda. We have a few suggestions for you, if you’d like skin that imparts a healthy glow, and naturally less pigmentation or dark spots. However, you gotta start following the regime at least 1-3 months before the BIG DAY! The plus point? There are 0 chemicals, and all the ingredients are available in your kitchen pantry. Here it goes:

Bye bye oily skin!

An imbalance in the Ayurvedic element (associated with earth and water) kapha dosha is generally the cause of ‘very oily skin.’ Also, if there is a hormonal imbalance, it can cause over-secretion of sebum which clogs pores and can cause acne as well! Ubtans of rose, turmeric, rosemary, calendula, amla, hibiscus or sandalwood, with aloe vera, works wonders on the skin - giving it a cooling effect while controlling the sebum production. 


Balance your doshas

As per Ayurveda, there’s categories which can be focused on to take care of your general health, skin, hair, etc. and the term for these categories is ‘dosha.’ Herbal oils of lavender, geranium, bergamot, help balance the doshas while removing toxins which helps your skin glow by making it healthier. Massage (upward strokes, body & face) at least two times a day, and start this regime 2-3 months prior to the BIG DAY for optimum results! 

‘Nom Nom’ for the soul

You will literally witness your skin celebrate, the moment you apply fruit or vegetable extracts! Citrusy fruits, berries, avocado, papaya, onion, tomato, and even potatoes help infuse your skin with necessary antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, with a base of honey, ghee, milk or coconut cream for additional skin nourishment.

Shots shots shots shots! 

Sip on herbal elixirs all day, everyday - for skin that’ll glow like a 1000 light bulbs! You can include ingredients like manjistha, tulsi, wheatgrass, amla, green tea, aloe vera, honey, to heal and brighten skin from the inside.