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Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Yasss Babe - (Nude)Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Yasss Babe - (Nude)
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Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Yolo - (Crimson)Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Yolo - (Crimson)
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Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Sea Breeze - (Berry)Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Sea Breeze - (Berry)
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Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Extraaaa Lit - (Red)Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Extraaaa Lit - (Red)
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Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Nomad Feels - (Peach)Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Nomad Feels - (Peach)
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Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Siesta - (Coral)Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liner - Siesta - (Coral)
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Enhance Your Makeup Routine Using Lip Liner

LoveChild Masaba is redefining lip makeup with their brand new Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liners. Get the travel-friendly convenience of these high-quality products, but these lip liner pencils aren't just about portability, it's the long-lasting, matte formula that sculpts your lip outline beautifully. Pout for the picture and get the show started, these lip liner pencils will have you looking your best anytime, anywhere. These 2-in-1 wonders have more to offer – LoveChild Masaba presents a selection of lip liner and liquid lipstick combos, so you can mix and match shades for a perfectly statement-making lip look for every occasion. Explore the bold colours and effortless application of LoveChild Masaba's Passport Pucker collection!

Find the best lip liner for defined and contoured lips

LoveChild’s 2-in-1 Lip Liner contours your lips while making them appear fuller. Pick from 12 vibrant shades that finish with a matte look. All shades are specially curated for Indian skin tones. This is a classic, known for its precise application and being travel-friendly. Pencil lip liners can have a matte finish or a shimmery finish. A matte lip liner tends to last longer and is also transfer proof. A shade like Humble Brag- Terracotta from our collection looks professional while the Low-Key FOMO Rose Pink is playful and perfect for dates. These lip liners are very versatile to use for a series of makeup techniques like overdrawing your lips, or defining the cupid’s bow.

How to Apply Lip Liners?

  • 1. Start with a clean, dry base. Exfoliate your lips with a gentle scrub ensuring and then apply a thin layer of lip balm. Let it absorb completely to prevent dryness, blot away any excess product.
  • 2. A sharp lip liner works best for precise application. Sharpen your liner regularly for a fine tip that makes clean lines.
  • 3. Line the peak of your cupid's bow, make a small "X" shape to define the center of your upper lip.
  • 4. Work your way outwards from the cupid's bow, following the natural curve of your lip line, until you get an outline.
  • 5. Once done, layer this with a lipstick shade of your choice, play with shades and you're all set.

How do I choose the best lip liner for my lip colour?

To find the best lip liner that both - suits your skin tone and gives you the finish you want its important.
  • Choose a lip liner depending on what kind of look you are going for. The Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liners by LoveChild are best for a non-glossy, classy finish.
    At the same time, the high coverage is perfect for lips with hyperpigmentation.
  • For shades that flatter you, experiment with different colours and find combinations that suit your skin tone best. As a general practice, lip liner shades are appliend to complement the shade of your lipstick, so choosing a lip line in a shade similar to your lip stick or darker version is preffered.
  • Colour combinations can make or break a look. Experiment with different shades in lip liners and liptisticks to see how well they blend. The Sea Breeze & Meetha combo beautifully combines 2 shades, a magenta lip liner with a pinkish-nude lipstick.
  • For any lip colour, it is important to check if the formula is waterproof and transfer-proof. The lip liners with ingredients like jojoba oil and natural peptides maintain healthy lips. LoveChild’s lip liner formulas are made with these high-quality ingredients and give you the best results on application.

What Makes Our LoveChild Masaba Lip Liner Pencil stands out?

The gorgeous shades and simple design of our Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liners makes for the perfect, easy-to-use makeup product. Here are some more perks that make our Lip Liners them the best in the game:
  • 2-in-1 Contours + Fills Lips
    The Passport Pucker Lip Booster Matte Liners have a strong pigment and precise application that gives you both - a perfectly lined lip and generous coverage. This 2-in-1 benefit makes our lip liners a must have in your makeup kit.
  • Upto 7 Hrs Long Stay without Feathering Sucrose Tetrastearate Triacetate - this ingredient forms a thin film to lock in the moisture and colour from the lip crayon. The pigment stays for upto 7 hours without feathering, in case you are eating and drinking you may have to touch up after.
  • Matte Finish with Full Coverage All lip liners from our Passport Pucker Lip Booster collection give you a matte finish with a generous coverage.
  • Precise Application with a 3D Effect The natural peptides make your lips look firm, smooth and give a 3D effect once applied. It has hassle-free application and the pencil tip gives you a precise outline everytime.

Shop for wide collection of Lip Liners & Lip Pencils online at Lovechild

Get to know your preferences, experiment with colours and textures. Know that the right lip liner will sculpt, define, and even give you a fuller pout. With a little practice and the methods above, you'll be applying lip liner like a pro in no time and ready to rock whatever lip look you choose.
We hope you find the Passport Pucker collection by LoveChild Masaba the perfect match for your ideal makeup look. Wait no more, browse our collection today and pick your fav!