Eye stopping Eye Makeup Ideas with Highlighted Nakhre!

Eye makeup is an essential part of a woman's beauty routine, especially when you can now nail the popular eye makeup trend - using LoveChild’s Highlighted Nakhre highlighter palette! Create stunning and mesmerising looks with 100Watt shimmer & shine! 

500 Days of Summer 

A shimmery look adds the perfect dose of glam for weekend night outs! To create this look, apply a neutral base eyeshadow on your eyelids, then use a shimmery shade like a Deep Pink or Champagne Gold to add sparkle in the centre of your lids. Dazzle your way into any party with a touch of shimmer at the inner corner of your eyes. 



Shimmer is the new black 

Days of summer bring with it never lasting opportunities to dress up. Use ‘Barfee’ Luxe-Matte Lipstick as an eyeshadow & on the lips, while gliding the Champagne Gold shade from the Sitara highlighter palette on the lids. Some of it on the cheek bones won’t hurt either 😉 

Best Friends’ Wedding 

Indian wedding makeup is all about bold and dramatic eyes that can complement rich colours and ornate jewellery. You can use the Pink and Rose Gold shades to make a statement!  

Go ahead, experiment and don’t forget to bedazzle 'em like you always do! Tag us on your photos & videos @lovechildbymasaba on Instagram!