Top 5 Indie foods for cozy winters in bed

If you live in central India, you know that winter lasts for a very brief period. While it’s here, let’s see how we can swap some of our everyday foods to these super delicious, nutrition-rich Indie foods for a cozy winter!

Here are our top 5:


It’s the perfect dish to load up on seasonal, nutrition-rich winter veggies! A celebration of Gujarat’s vegetable produce, this one-pot delicacy comprises of a delightful mix of aromatic spices and is smoked underground with charcoal, traditionally. Get warm and fuzzy with this bowl of greens!

Bone Broth or Paya

A delight for non-vegetarians, this mutton bone broth is as heart-warming as it can get! A natural source of collagen and a well-known immunity booster, this snuggly soup bowl is all you need to get your day kickstarted, while it also helps with great skin and nails!


Indian version of a ‘protein bar / nutrition bar / granola bar’ it’s the perfect, crunchy snack to chomp on while you rush to work or when you have hunger pangs. Made with nuts, chocolate, sesame seeds and more, these are highly nutritious and extremely low-carb with jaggery as the only sweetener and binder. Have a chikki a day and keep the winter blues away!

Your take on ‘Haldi Doodh!’

Like a warm hug in a mug, you can swear by this Spiced Turmeric Latte with Almond Milk this winter! Add roasted and ground nutmeg, star anise, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, fennel to hot almond milk. Stir and plop down on your bed while you sip on this divine concoction. Let’s revive our age-old ‘haldi doodh’ this winter!


This Tibetan broth is super apt for the winters, while you are bundled up in your blanket watching your favourite show! In line with the notoriously popular ‘ramen’, Thukpa has noodles, veggies and a meat of your choice, along with various spices like pepper, ginger, green chillies that helps keep you warm from the inside while also increasing your metabolic rate.