Get twinning with your Galentine!

Female friendships are like diamonds; tough to break, beautiful, valuable and always in style. Celebrate with your girlfriends in full swing!  
Sheet Mask
Planning to stay indoors while watching a chick flick and twinning in cozy PJs? 
De-tan & de-puff with ‘Like Coffee For Your Skin’ 100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Mask! Like an irresistible hug in a mug, enriched with 2% Ethiopian Coffee + 0.5% Hibiscus Flower Extract it’s time to indulge in this finest skin-vestment with your Galentine – to help add a burst of refreshing vitality
Valentine Ideas

Got an outdoorsy date night planned? 

The heart wants what it wants, and in this case – it's your girlfriends!  

Get a fun Galentine’s makeup look and twin with your BFF with pink & red hearts on your cheek! Or you can also have pretty lip prints across your lids & cheeks 😊

Galentine Ideas

It’s all hearts! 

For the hearts, you can use a thin brush and dunk it into I Claim’ & ‘Take A Dare’ liquid lipsticks from LoveChild - on the left cheek for you, and on the right cheek for your BFF for a CUTE, MUSHY selfie that’s sure to trend on the gram ;) 

Use the ‘Wings For Your Eyes’ eyeliner to add an edgy appeal.

 hydrating lipstick

Get lippie! 

If you’d like a Galentine beauty look cheesier than that, we hope you’re in for something more elaborate!🌟 For this you’ll need a cling film wrap, and for you and your BFF to apply the ‘Hot pop’ & ‘Twisted’ Luxe-Matte Lipsticks from LoveChild – alternatively. Once applied, get your lip print on the gelatin in both shades, and place and press on the part of your faces where you’d like its print! You can also use the ‘Nazar Na Lage’ coal-black kajal to accentuate your eyes 😊  


Make way for the prettiest Galentine twinning makeup look this year! Tag us @lovechildbymasaba on your Galentine’s makeup looks photos/reels with LoveChild!