5 REAL resolutions for 2023!

When one says New Year’s Eve, ‘resolutions’ come to mind without fail. And the pressure is just too much! No, you don’t have to lose weight, you don’t need to live at the top floor of the highest sky rise on the planet, and neither do you have to perpetually be happy and at peace! Let’s focus on staying grounded, appreciate the body, and take one step at a time.

Here are top 5 REAL resolutions you can consider (no pressure!):

 Slow & steady, my friend!

Concentrating all of the changes you want to make in your life – in the first couple months of the year, is super unfair to your mind and body! You could have some goals set for your birthday, some for your beau’s birthday, some for your work anniversary. This keeps it interesting, without putting too much pressure on the ‘resolution.’ Also, you’ll get an insight into what your mind and body is REALLY capable of along with your people encouraging you towards it!

Keep it real!

Setting unrealistic targets will only make u sad & make u feel FOMO ‘coz u will be missing everything that your peers are doing – only ‘coz you are chasing unrealistic goals. Setting achievable targets helps you achieve those in full form! Let’s face the fact that you are fatigued, and wish to take it slow. Don’t let your ‘ego’ come in the middle.

Happy mind, happy body!

Your body helps you overcome and deal with so many hurdles, bacteria, weird foods & drinks you feed it, and ‘the pandemic’ as well! It’s safe to say that MOST of us take it for granted. How it ‘looks’ is only 5% of its actual, real function, and that, unfortunately, is mainly what we focus on. Let’s vow to have a healthier relationship with our body now on?

Healthy relationship with ‘the monies’

Let’s face it, money does manage to mess with our plans, schedule, minds and a lot more. It’s high time we set a schedule for when you note down each expense, the balance in each bank, the investments you’ve made, and more – in a single folder so that you have one place to refer. This will introduce a lot of peace in life, because you know how expenditure can tend to snowball into a HUGE budget crunch by the end of each month. Keep the toxic aside, let’s get healthier!

Live in the NOW!

If you notice, your resolutions, goals, dreams – it's all in the future tense. We tend to miss out on the now - most of the time in our lives. Let’s pledge to focus on the now, have fun in the present, appreciate how amazing it is that you’re where you thought you’d be since school, or even above and beyond that! Of course, there’s a long way ahead, but let’s enjoy where you’ve reached...