Stone cold DIY remedy for pores!

Pores are like kids; They get irritated if hampered with, and cooperate when you’re being patient with them! Caused by excessive oil secretion, pores open up with warm water so that you can easily use your favourite cleanser and get rid of debris and impurities. It’s time to make way for all the charcoal & clay based products that you shortlisted as they help draw out impurities better and faster than any other ingredient would. Shopping ‘skincare’ before the end of the year is never a bad idea!  

And a sure shot way to close up the pores real tight after cleansing the skin, is to ice the skin! Cool it down to a crazy level so that the pores knit themselves up and don’t let any future oil clogging - and get ready to nail trending the Christmas looks!   

Ice cubes are natural ingredients that work wonders for all skin types! Be it acne-prone, sensitive, or oily; there’s absolutely 0 harsh effects on the skin. They do a myriad of things like a magical spell; from making the skin smoother, to giving it (your fav) dewy-look, and also making it healthy and super glowy! It also helps reduces puffiness - especially around the eyes - which helps you save up on that concealer. 

Okay let’s get to the ‘HOW’ real quick: 

Once you cleanse, take ice cubes from your refrigerator, and wrap them in a cloth so that the temperature is not too harsh on your skin. Gently run it over open pores and under the eyes, especially. A great idea would be to put essential oils to ice trays before freezing, so that it’s more effective to your skin!  

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