8 essentials for a festive-ready handbag

Everything is so exciting, lively, festive and fun; The dress-up, the make-up, the social gatherings and the delicious food! But there can be a few things that can go amiss, and to curb those - here are a few things we suggest you carry in your handbag, for a fuss free Diwali. 

Liquid lipstick to the rescue! 

Experimenting with your new glossy lipstick? We bet you look ravishing, but what if it fades, or transfers on the ladoo you’re tasting?! In such times, carrying a transfer-proof, long-lasting liquid lipstick formula always helps. LoveChild’s Mad-Matte Liquid Lipstick is hydrating, lightweight and super comfortable to wear throughout your after-party as well!

All you need is versatile makeup! 

5 hours since the party, and your face has run out of colour?! Ditch the ‘fake promises’ of liquid blushes, and opt for long lasting, high tinted formulas. LoveChild’s Luxe-Matte lipstick is one such formula that works as a lipstick, as well as an eye-shadow (base) and blush as well! Being highly saturated and providing a rich, plumped matte effect, this product is a definite carry-on during festivities. 

Instant glow! 

The snazzy outfit and the exquisite fireworks are what makes a festival desi! But these pollutants and the sweat from carrying the heavily worked on kurta set can make your face look dull and tired. At such times, it helps to have a face mist that you can quickly spray and feel rejuvenated instantly. LoveChild’s Face On! face mists can also be used as a setting spray after applying makeup!

Anxiety?! What anxiety! 

Meeting a mixed bunch of friends and strangers can be overwhelming! Not knowing how your partner will react to the festive delicacies you prepared for them can be anxiety-ridden. Knowing that your mum would never approve of the outfit for the party is definitely stressful! Carry this magical stick in your handbag to keep anxiety at bay. LoveChild’s Calm The Rocking Chair! anti-anxiety oil is basically lavender essential oil that helps soothe the mind and calm the nerves. 


The eyes, chico. They never lie. 

Eyes without any kajal or surma during Indian festivities is almost a sin! A little bit of kohl never did any harm. Also, family gatherings can be a rollercoaster of emotions, you know it! And for this, waterproof, and long-lasting kajal sticks can be super helpful. LoveChild’s ‘Nazar Naa Lage’ Smooth-talking kajal works best in such situations for quick touch-ups and a silken, matte finish.

Get those baby wipes! 

Unplanned cry fest with your BFF? Laughed so hard that you got lipstick on your teeth? Danced till your feet gave up, but the sweat got your makeup running? Your solution is baby wipes. As most baby wipes are hypoallergenic, it’s safe to be used on the face. In general, baby wipes are great for adult use because they are free of inflammatory ingredients and won’t dry you out. Keep a pack in your handbag for such last minute emergencies! 

Chomp on!

This is for the ones wanting to eat low-cal through the festivities. It’s okay to avoid sweets & fried foods. But it’s not okay to remain hungry as this indicates the body to store fat! Keep energy bars with you - preferably high-protein ones, for the instant boost of good carbs & protein. 

Low battery? Never. 

It’s never okay to miss out on the perfect ‘Twinning Mirror Selfie’ with your BFF just because your phone got discharged! Ensure that you’re carrying your charger on the way to your party to record all your precious moments with your loved ones.