LoveChild Masaba - Meetha | Mauve Pink Bullet Lipstick, 4gLoveChild Masaba - Meetha | Mauve Pink Bullet Lipstick, 4g
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LoveChild Masaba - Meetha | Mauve Pink Bullet Lipstick, 4g

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LoveChild Masaba - It Fits | Transfer-proof Mauve Pink Liquid Lipstick, 5mlLoveChild Masaba - It Fits | Transfer-proof Mauve Pink Liquid Lipstick, 5ml
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LoveChild Masaba - It Fits | Transfer-proof Mauve Pink Liquid Lipstick, 5ml

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LoveChild Masaba - I Claim | Transfer-proof Deep Pink Liquid Lipstick, 5mlLoveChild Masaba - I Claim | Transfer-proof Deep Pink Liquid Lipstick, 5ml
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LoveChild Masaba - I Claim | Transfer-proof Deep Pink Liquid Lipstick, 5ml

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LoveChild Masaba - Hot Pop | Deep Pink Bullet Lipstick, 4gLoveChild Masaba - Hot Pop | Deep Pink Bullet Lipstick, 4g
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LoveChild Masaba - Hot Pop | Deep Pink Bullet Lipstick, 4g

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Find Your Perfect Pink With LoveChild's Pretty Pink Lipsticks

Are you more of a pink lipstick kinda girl? You’re in good company, pink lipsticks are a timeless staple in the world of makeup. From soft pastels to bold fuchsias, pink lipsticks offer a spectrum of shades to suit every mood, occasion, and individual style. Universally flattering, pink shade lipsticks have the power to enhance natural beauty, adding a touch of playfulness to any makeup look. So, let’s have a look at different types of pink lip shades you can choose from.

Explore Different Types Of Pink Shade Lipsticks

Pink lipsticks are available in a variety of shades, and different shades can complement different skin tones. Here are some popular pink lipstick shades to consider:
1. Soft Nude Pink: A subtle and natural pink lipstick shade that's perfect for everyday wear, offering a soft and understated look.
2. Baby Pink: A light and delicate pink hue that adds a sweet and feminine touch to your makeup look.
3. Rosy Pink: A classic pink lipstick with rosy undertones, versatile enough for both daytime and evening wear, offering a flattering and sophisticated appearance.
4. Coral Pink: A vibrant pink with hints of orange, ideal for adding a pop of colour and warmth to your makeup look, especially during the warmer months.
5. Hot Pink: A bold and bright pink lipstick shade that makes a statement, perfect for those who love to stand out and add a playful touch to their makeup.
6. Fuchsia: A deeper and more intense pink hue with purple undertones, offering a bold and dramatic look that's perfect for special occasions or when you want to make a statement.
7. Mauve Pink: A muted pink lipstick shade with hints of purple or brown, offering a sophisticated and understated elegance that's suitable for a wide range of skin tones and makeup looks.
So as you can see there are a lot of pretty pink shades to choose from. Experiment with different shades and you can find the perfect pink lipstick. Now, let’s figure out how you can choose the right pink lipstick for your skintone.

How To Choose the Right Pink Lipstick for Your Skintone?

Are you trying to buy pink lipsticks that perfectly suit your skin tone? Ensure that you keep your skin tone and undertones in mind while selecting a hue that complements you harmoniously. Here's a guide to help you discover the ideal pink lipstick for your skin tone:
1. Fair Skin: If you have fair skin with cool undertones, opt for soft, cool-toned pink lipsticks like cotton candy or baby pink. These shades will complement your fair complexion without overpowering it. If you’re a warm or neutral undertone, soft and warm pink shades tend to look particularly flattering. Also, opt for rosy pinks with peachy or coral tones, as they can complement your complexion beautifully.
2. Light to Medium Skin: For those with light to medium skin tones, most pink shades will suit your skin. Pinks like rose or mauve can enhance fair to medium cool-toned skin, while warmer pinks with hints of peach or coral can complement light to medium warm undertones.
3. Medium to Olive Skin: Medium to olive skin tones can carry off a variety of pink shade lipsticks as well. Rosy pinks with berry undertones or warm mauves can enhance the natural warmth of medium to olive skin. Bright, vibrant pinks or deeper fuchsia shades can also complement these skin tones.
4. Dark Skin: Dark skin is the type of skin tone that can go for the 'rosy' and 'coral' pinks as they have a skin tone that can contrast those colours well. Deep, rich pink shades also look stunning on darker skin tones, providing a bold and striking look. Additionally, vibrant fuchsia or magenta shades can add a pop of colour and complement the richness of dark skin tones.
When you consider your skin tones, undertones and personal preferences you can find a perfect pink lipstick shade. Pink shades are versatile, testing different shades in natural light can help you find the perfect match that enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel confident.

Best Pink Lip Shades By LoveChild Masaba

1. Meetha Jaljeera

This Lush-Matte Mauve Pink Lipstick Crème ‘Meetha Jaljeera’ is here to steal all your attention. Experience the nostalgia of Indian summers with LoveChild's pink lipstick crème, inspired by the refreshing Meetha Jaljeera, an ideal go-to drink for summer trips. ‘Meetha Jaljeera' with this lush-matte pink lip crème is filled with Cocoa Butter and HA (Hyaluronic Acid) for extreme hydration, exquisite comfort, and an ultra-lightweight sensation.

2. I Claim

Be bold with our Matte Liquid pink Lipstick! This revolutionary formula offers a mad-matte finish that feels incredibly lightweight and comfortable on your lips. Experience intense colour payoff with our deep pink shade that glides on smoothly and lasts all day, even through coffee sips and kisses. Plus, it is enriched with nourishing ingredients, keeping your lips soft and smooth throughout wear.

3. Hot Pop

Finally, we have a dark pink bullet lipstick with sweet childhood nostalgia. Relive the memories of chasing the ice-cream truck on hot summer afternoons with our "Hot Pop" shade of Dark Pink lipstick. This creamy matte solution offers a rich velvet matte finish, capturing the essence of those delectable frozen delicacies. Dark Pink Lipstick Shades contains Vitamin E for antioxidant and conditioning effects, as well as nourishing cocoa butter and moisturising jojoba oil.

4. Rani Core Luxe Matte Lipstick Collection

This is a captivating world of pink lipsticks by LoveChild Masaba- the luxurious 'Rani Core' collection, with a breathtaking ensemble of 6 unique matte textured pink lipsticks online to choose from. So let’s immerse ourselves in the exquisite blend of these velvety-smooth pink lipsticks, here are 2 shades you can try:
Peri-Peri Pink- This pink Lipstick is thoughtfully chosen to empower the queen within you. These vibrant pink shade lipsticks offer unparalleled colour payoff perfect for any occassion. Peri-Peri Pink tends to complement a variety of skin tones, particularly those with warm undertones. They can add a subtle flush of colour to fair skin tones and a flattering pop of warmth to medium to deep skin tones.
Tickle me pink- This blush pink lipstick can become your go-to as it effortlessly adapts to any mood, whether you're feeling bold and daring or soft and glamorous. Tickle me pink is a versatile shade that tends to flatter a wide range of skin tones. It particularly complements fair to medium skin tones with warm undertones, as well as olive and deeper skin tones.

How to Apply Pink Lipstick

Whether you opt for a subtle nude pink or the boldest pink hues, knowing the correct application method can enhance your overall look. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you achieve flawless pink lips:
1. Begin by exfoliating your lips with a gentle lip scrub to remove any dead skin cells and create a smooth canvas for pink lipstick application.
2. After exfoliation, hydrate your lips using a moisturiser or lip primer to ensure they're prepped for colour.
3. Start by applying your pink lipstick to your bottom lip first. If you're using a matte liquid lipstick, use the applicator for precise application.
4. Press your lips together to evenly distribute the colour across both lips.
5. Next, apply the pink lipstick shade to your top lip, ensuring complete coverage. Close your lips to allow the colour to transfer.
6. Before the lipstick fully sets, gently blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess product. This step helps the lipstick last longer without smudging.
7. To define your cupid's bow, carefully line it with the pink lipstick shade. Start from the middle of your top lip and work outward for precision.
By following these steps, you can achieve perfectly applied pink lipstick that completes your look for any occasion.
So, we can all agree that pink lipsticks are truly a girl's best friend. They are versatile, suit every skin tone and have that playful nature, what more could one ask for? Now that you know which pink tones suit you, buy pink lipsticks online on our website because, girlpops the future is pink.
Interested in exploring our diverse range of lipsticks? Choose from a variety of shades, including reds, browns, and nudes, at LoveChild Masaba, and let your lips do the talking!