Calm The Rocking Chair - Lavender Anti-Anxiety Essential Oil (10ml)

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Use the calming Lavender Essential Oil to emulate the tranquilly of "Calm The Rocking Chair." Simply roll on this all-natural solution to discover relief wherever you are whenever worry strikes. Lavender is a well-known stress-reliever due to its calming and relaxing qualities. The pleasant aroma helps to improve mood while also reducing anxiety. Take advantage of the ability of essential oil to improve sleep quality and fend off insomnia so that you may always wake up feeling rejuvenated. When you're under pressure, let this essential oil serve as a companion and a gentle reminder that everything will work out. Use this Lavender Essential Oil roll-on, your go-to source for calm and tranquillity, to improve your health thanks to its medicinal properties. Shop now for a wide range of wellness products to nourish your mind, body, and soul.
• Lavender Oil: Widely known for It's calming and relaxing properties. Breathing in the scent of lavender both lessens anxiety and improves mood. It may also help promote sleep and fight insomnia.
Lavender Essential Oil
Can be applied to the temples, back of the neck, bottom of feet & pulse points to experience its calming grounding effect.
● MFG By: Deccan Health Care Limited, Plot No. 13, Sector-03 (SIDCUL), IIE, Pantnagar, Udham Singh Nagar - 263 153, Uttarakhand, India. ● Country of Origin: India
1. Does Lavender Essential Oil have any side effects?
When used appropriately, lavender essential oil is generally safe for the majority of individuals. However, some people may have allergic responses or skin irritability. Before applying lavender essential oil topically, it is advised to conduct a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies.
2. What is Lavender Essential Oil?
The lavender plant's blooms are used to make the highly concentrated oil known as lavender essential oil. It is recognised for its numerous healing benefits and lovely floral scent.
3. How do I store essential oils?
Away from heat sources and direct sunshine, essential oils should be kept in dark, airtight containers. To ensure their safe use, keep them out of the reach of children and animals.
4. What are the benefits of using essential oils?
Depending on the particular oil used, essential oils have a variety of benefits. Relaxation, stress reduction, better sleep, pain relief, skin care, and respiratory support are a few typical advantages.
5. Can essential oils interact with medications?
Yes, some essential oils can affect how some medicines work. Before utilising essential oils, it is imperative to speak with a healthcare provider if you are taking any drugs. They can guarantee safe usage and give you advice on any possible interactions.


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