Trending looks of 2022 to try this Festive Season

The last couple years have been pretty mellow, with us experimenting with makeup - only to look at ourselves in the mirror! We can finally go out and about, and now that the festive season is here, we have our chance to ace the makeup trends from 2022 at every party this year! 

Here are the top 5:


It’s the day and age of embracing our flaws! One moment. Are they even ‘flaws?’ Pores are awesome. Frizzy hair is good. Stretch marks are amazing; and freckles are beyond loved in 2022! Dot a few of those across the bridge of your nose with the LoveChild 'Nazar Na Lage' - Smooth-Talking Kajal as it’s waterproof, smudge proof and matte; And don’t forget to use mascara on your lashes and brows.

Fluffy brows

Statement eyes are okay, but 2022 is all about fluffy, thick brows that grab attention. Almost like a frame for your face, the brows can be gelled, laminated, tattooed, tinted, and whatnot?! If you wish to join the parade, a pomade or tinted brow gel works best to ace this look. And most importantly, make sure you have a GREAT makeup brush - it makes all the difference. This look would work best with a black-gold outfit during your Diwali party.

Bright Blush

It’s not about applying more product, but about brighter tints! If you’re not too confident about the look, you can opt for a highly tinted, easily blendable powder blush rather than a liquid blush. A GOOD MAKEUP BRUSH IS THE KEY TO GREAT MAKEUP! Vibrant, bright shades like the intense peach and 200% visible pink are in the limelight. This is perfect to be considered for a festive look with your peach or oatmeal ensemble. 

Clean girl

Basic and minimal never go out of style. Contrary to the vibrant, showy makeup trends in 2022, this one is more about flaunting your natural complexion whilst adding a dewy effect + concealer. This can be achieved by simply adding a few drops of liquid highlighter to your moisturiser, and do away with cakey foundation for a few drops of concealer below your eyes. You can also choose to apply some setting powder, but don’t overdo it because it might cover all the dewi-ness. But before all of this, using a sheet mask like LoveChild ‘Like Your First Date’ 100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Mask provides an instant glow boost and hydration burst for the perfect dewy skin.


Minimalist Liner

Invisible, blurred, vibrant or black - the minimalist eyeliner trend is 100% on! It’s not even about a particular cat-eye or patient artistry anymore. A simple triangle at the corner of your eyes, or rough stroke on your eyelid is all you need, to rock this trend. Just pick your favourite gel, crayon or liquid liner in your favourite colour, and let your mood dictate how dramatic your eyes will look today!

The LoveChild ‘Wings For Your Eyes’ Mood-Proof Eyeliner is perfect to nail the look as it dries quickly, and is waterproof - so your look would never get smudged!