TLC post the festive hullabaloo

While we’re in the midst of wedding season and approaching the Christmas cheer, we also had a great time celebrating the festival of lights! All of our ‘getting decked up’ ought to have taken a toll on our skin, hair and lots more. Here are a few ways to recover, and prepare for the future occasions to adorn ourselves.


Hair is most flaunted and played around with, especially when you are all decked up for festivities. It goes through a lot of heating, styling, and colouring, which is bound to damage your tresses making them frizzy and dry. 

One of the most popular ways to strengthen hair, avoid split ends and encourage hair growth is to apply warm onion oil to the scalp, and all the way down to the lengths of the hair. Another way to moisturise hair is warm coconut oil massaged into damp hair (especially on the damaged parts, i.e. mid-shaft to the ends) and wear it overnight. If you have thinner hair, pick olive or avocado oil.


Heels, mojdi, wedges, pumps, stilettos, boots, and all the 100 other kinds of footwear your feet go through, they totes require a major TLC. Lukewarm, soapy water, pumice stone, loofah, moisturiser, petroleum jelly; You know your TLC pack for dry, cracking feet! Apart from this soothing technique, honey can also be used as an overnight foot mask to heal cracked heels and moisture the skin. Also, mashed bananas work well to moisturise feet.


A ‘rose petals and milk’ paste used as a lip mask for 20-30 minutes in the day moisturises dry lips immediately. Warm ghee on the lips not only makes them look shiny, but also nourishes the skin to transform dry lips to a plumpy pout. 

Protect the liver!

In case you have a few more parties to attend, warm cow ghee on an empty stomach works well to protect the liver as it creates a wall and stops the alcohol from affecting it. As per studies, garlic , ginger , and berries also make the list of liver-cleansing foods. Apart from this, you can also load up on vitamin B supplements, and drink a lot more water than usual so that the kidneys can flush out all the toxins.


A rich, creamy avocado mask (avocado, honey, olive oil) is a natural, foolproof way to soothe skin that’s been through highly pigmented makeup that can dry and damage skin. Protect yourself from the sun till the time it’s recovering from all the product exposure. You can also consider using LoveChild’s 100% Aloe Fiber Sheet Masks that can help replenish skin without hurting it, as it’s vegan, paraben-free and sulfate-free.