Beginner’s guide to Kajal & Eyeliner application ft. Masaba

As basic as it sounds, perfecting kajal and eyeliner application is a task that can take up to 20-30 minutes (and a lot of makeup wipes) - if you haven’t cracked the ‘cheat code.’  Here’s the best way to ace it without losing any more patience. 

Glide it with style

Clean the area around the eyes to prevent smudging. Gently pull down on your lower eyelid, and start applying the kajal from the inner corner of the eye. Glide the kajal along your lash line/waterline gently. Repeat drawing the kajal if you’d prefer a thicker line of kajal to give a dramatic / desi feel to your look. 

For water-proof, smudge proof and matte-finish effect, checkout LoveChild’s ‘Nazar Na Lage’ Smooth-Talking Kajal, that’s enriched with vitamin E & almond oil.

Wing it, Kween!

Shake up the tube well so that the formula is smooth enough. Once you clean the area around the eyes, hold the brush flat and straight so that there’s no curvy lines. Start from the outer corner of the eye, or the middle, so that excess product can be used on the rest of the lid. Once you create the wing by extending the brush at an upper angle, drag the brush also towards the inner corner of the eye to form a thin line - to complete the process. 

For a quick-drying and water-proof formula that also provides a velvet-finish, LoveChild’s ‘Wings For Your Eyes’ Mood-Proof Eyeliner is your go-to!