What Your Favourite Season 3 Bridgerton Character Says About You

Hey Beauties! With part 2 of the Bridgerton season 3 out, the Shondaland’s regency world is all we can talk about. Colin and Penelope's romance has us all smitten, while Pen’s Lady Whistledown identity in crisis showed us how independent and strong she is. The more subtle but heartwarming romance of Francesca and Lord Kilmartin was quite relatable for us introverts out there. This season was no less of unique personalities that made the season even more charming. 

Every character in the cast of Bridgerton had their own qualities. Some characters like Pen that grew out of their shell, while others like Lady Violet who we got to know better. In case you’re wondering, your favourite character can surely say a lot about you. Let’s take a look at some fan favourite characters below, and see what your favourite characters say about you!

A shy Bridgerton or a confident one, which Bridgerton character are you?  

Penelope Featherington

The Bridgerton series was dedicated to Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton this season. And while in the usual season the main conflict is protagonists realising their love for each other. In this season there was a bigger conflict: Pen’s secret life as Lady Whistledown. Interestingly, like Colin we fell in love with her clever and ambitious drive to be something. Penelope’s transformation into a confident woman was incredible - her radiance and sultry eye makeup looks are now fashion goals. 
If you liked Penelope this season then you too are a clever person who hopes to step up and be her true confident self. Take this as a sign, work towards your dreams, and be confident in your unique beauty. Try LoveChild’s gorgeous illuminator and eyeliner to feel the gorgeous Penelope vibe and shine.

Colin Bridgerton

Colin Bridgerton was the heartthrob that we needed in Bridgerton season 3. In the journey of finding purpose through his travels and realising his love for Pen, Colin showed sensitivity, care, and compassion. Colin's transformation was subtle but just as charming. His personality is softer, clothing is less structured giving him an inviting feel. Colin is a person who looks out for others and does everything in his ability for the well-being of his loved ones.

If Colin is your favourite character of season 3 Bridgerton, then this is for the compassionate you: our charming Antiguan Decaf. With the notes of sage, rose, coffee and musk, you will be able to channel your inner Colin with Lovechild.

Francesca Bridgerton

Francesca was an introvert queen this season, and her love for Lord Kilmartin is heartwarming, she is unlike her other family members but she is not afraid to chase what she desires the most. All grown up and back from Bath, Francesca has become a great pianist and developed a soft demeanour. With this being her first season out, she is seen in an elegant updo with pleasing soft pink lipshade.

If you like or relate to her introverted personality, then you like your family but might also enjoy the peace of being alone. 

Philipa Featherington 

A lowkey surprise for many viewers as this season Philipa Featherington looked breathtakingly beautiful. In the midst of a show with so many beautiful characters, the Featherington’s may have less attention to themselves, known more as the ‘ditzy’ characters but doesn't keep us from noticing her glow up as well this season. 

Philipa shows that a bit of whimsy can also look beautiful with her long soft ginger curls, rose pink lips, and bold water lines filled with kajal. Philipa brought more humour and heart to the season with some of the best series 3 moments. Her presence makes us laugh and brings joy.

So for every Philipa fan, we hope you also bring silly humour and happiness to those around you. 

Kate Sharma Bridgerton

Kate as the new Viscountess looks stunning as ever, she is a force of nature. She is there to support when someone is in need and makes it a point that she takes on planning big balls and entertaining people with utmost elegance. Her and Anthony’s love is every bit as perfect as we imagined it to be. Now as the head of the family and set to welcome their first child, Kate's strength, ambition, and beauty only deepens. We see her become more stylised and grand, her eyebrows are stronger and her cheeks glisten with a rustic orange blush
For anyone who’s heart was taken by Kate, you too are as strong as she is, and you care equally well for others around you.

Hope you liked the journey into your most loved character and own yourself with it. Along with the Bridgerton season 3 cast, it was also a delight to see Benedict, Violet and many more characters in their own element this season. The part 2 of Bridgerton season 3 is everything we dreamt of. Only time will tell what season 4 has in store for us. Until then let’s enjoy the regency era and its social drama, magnificent sets, costumes and bridgerton makeup looks. LoveChild by Masaba is here to make these moments feel more opulent with our exclusive range of makeup products.