How To Select My Serum Skin Tint Shade Online?

Hey beauties! We know choosing a skin tint online is easier said than done. There are so many shades and undertones to pick from. Have you ever bought a shade online, absolutely sure that it matches your skin PERFECTLY, only to try it and realise that it doesn’t fit your skin at all? We’ve all been there. 

To help you not make this mistake again, LoveChild is here to walk you through a fool-proof process that will first help you understand the specifics of your unique skin tone and determine which Skip Everything Blurring Serum Skin Tint out of the 10 shades will look the best on you. 

Here, we will also discuss the challenges most commonly faced when choosing a skin tint online and give you some helpful tips that will ensure you always have the best matching skin tint in your bag. 

What is a Serum Skin Tint?

The beauty industry is evolving at lightning speed, and with that, there are so many great new products to be found. One of the products that has recently become a big deal in the makeup world is the serum skin tint. Are you new to this and asking, ‘What is a skin tint?’ ‘Let alone a serum skin tint?’ Then, let’s clear up that first. 

A skin tint is a lightweight foundation that helps achieve a radiant skin-like finish. It usually has a serum-like consistency that gives you a ‘barely-there’ feel. Our Skip Everything Blurring Serum Skin Tint is especially formulated as a 4-in-1 serum tint that does the work of primer, foundation, sunscreen, and moisturiser all together.

Find Your Perfect Match

What is your Skin Shade?

The first step for choosing any type of base makeup is determining our skin shade. The main 3 skin shade categories are Fair, Medium, and Dark. If your skin burns but does not tan easily, you could be fair-skinned. If your skin burns less and tans easily, then you may have a medium skin tone. And finally, if your skin never burns but has prolonged tanning, then you could have dark skin. Of course, this is just one indicator and not the only determiner of your skin shade. 

There are various intensities of Fair, Medium, and Dark shades, and the best way to recognise your shade is to usually ask a friend or a close one by holding our shade card next to your face; chances are that you will find your answer. 

(A Skin tint finder image is provided below)

Find Your Skin’s undertone

Understanding your skin’s undertone may seem like a complicated task, but it’s actually quite easy. The skin layer is more translucent than we think, giving our skin more dimension. The translucency and melanin in our skin is why we have different types of undertones. 

There are 3 undertones, namely Pink, Yellow and Neutral. 

Pink undertoned skin (usually referred to as ‘cool’ undertoned) usually looks blushy, while yellow undertones (‘warm’ undertones) are either yellowy or orangey in the undertone. Some medium skin tones also look olive with yellow undertones. 

Neutral is, as the word suggests, ‘neutral’ with a balance of warm and cool; none are overpowering.

Here are some ways to analyse your undertone:-

  1. Stand in front of a plain white wall: 

White is an achromatic colour, meaning it has no hue. This is why it helps bring out your undertones. Take a small hand-held mirror or click a picture in a well-lit place, carefully check your forehead and jawline, and see which colour is visible. 

  1. Jewellery test: 

Due to their warm nature, yellowish gold jewellery usually makes yellow skin tone glow. Silver is thought to be flattering on pink undertones. If you look good in both, then you could have neutral skin. 

  1. Checking Veins: 

A popular way to know if you are warm or cool is to check your wrists. The veins on the wrist appear greenish with warm tones and purplish with cool tones. If your veins appear similar to your skin colour, they are probably neutral. 

To make things even more easier, here’s our serum shade finder quiz

Consider Your Skin Type 

Some people skip this step, thinking that a skin type might not influence the skin tint choice, but if your skin tint does not suit your face, this could also be the reason why. Do take into account if your skin is oily, dry, or a combination of skin types. The right skin tint for your skin will last longer in its original form and not look cakey, greasy, or discoloured after a while. 

Thankfully, LoveChild’s Skip Everything Blurring Serum Skin Tint is packed with nourishing ingredients for every skin type, so you can get this tint without any worry. 

Some Important Tips To Remember

  1. When looking for a shade online, make sure your device (phone or laptop) is on the optimal display setting. Keep the display set on to the original neutral display, and the screen light should be on full. 
  1. If your skin colour changes drastically due to sun exposure and changing seasons, buy an extra shade of the serum skin tint (darker or lighter depending on your current skin tan). This will help you adjust the shade. Mix the 2 shades and swatch them until you get your perfect match. 

Check our social media for reels and pictures of others wearing our skin tint shades. A person with a skin tone like yours could help you understand what suits you.

So beauties, we hope we helped you with your doubts on how to choose a serum tint shade online. These tried and tested tips should make things much, much easier for you. In addition to this, you can always look at our wrist swatches added to the product page or check the product reviews. LoveChild Masaba has created these 10 Serum skin tint shades, keeping every skin tone in mind. Now, all that is left is to pick your serum skin tint with confidence and look as beautiful and radiant as ever!