5 Fun Makeup Looks To Celebrate Pride Month

Hey, Beauties! Every June marks the celebration of solidarity of love, self-expression, and individuality. Originally celebrated on 28th June as ‘Pride Day’, this occasion grew into a celebration parade in recent years. Now these month-long parades showcase flamboyant attires, pride flags, group dances, and vibrant makeup looks in support of all unique identities.  

In celebration of the beauty that each one of us holds, here at LoveChild, we have curated 5 incredibly easy-to-achieve makeup looks that you can try as a part of the pride month celebration. 

So, beauties, let's dive into the makeup looks and make your celebration at the pride parade as vibrant as the colours of love! 

Pride Month Looks To Try:  

1. Floating eyeliner

Traditionally the application of an eyeliner is on the lash lineline. Here we use eyeliner to either make the eyes bold by making a thick line on the lash, or elongate with a winged lash. In the floating eyeliner look, a stroke is drawn along the crease of the eye.
One of the easiest ways to create the floating eyeliner look, is to just follow the angle of your wing and then match it with the curve of your crease. Liquid liners are precise and make it easier to make fine strokes. To get the best results, you can try practising this stroke a few times on the back of your hand and then try the look on your eyes.

To make the look feel even more fancier, you can glue small stones on the floating liner like shown below:

Image source: Instagram

2. Sparkle with highlighter

A look celebrating pride month needs some shine, sparkle, and magic to it. To get that extra something, using a highlighter is a must. Our Chandni and Sitara Highlighter palettes have 4 shades of highlighters each.

Chandni comes with classic shades like Champagne gold, classic gold, rose gold and deep pink.
The Sitara palette consists of Champagne gold, Pink, Bronze, and Copper.
These colours are perfect to bring that vibrant and sparkly touch to your skin. You can also swipe this on to your eyelids to add some more colour for this joyous celebration.

3. Monochrome makeup with a punch

On most days wearing a monochromatic look means using soft and subtle shades of  makeup products like lipstick and blush. But when it comes to a makeup look for an occasion that celebrates the fancy and dramatic parts of our personalities, a monochromatic makeup look helps give the much-needed punch!

This pink monochrome pride month makeup look is glistened with a strong bubblegum pink blush that goes along the bridge of the nose and is the strongest on the upper cheek bone area. This look also has blush swiped on the eyelids with a pink liner effect. 
To make the lips look pink and glossy as the picture, apply our Rani Core Luxe Matte Lipstick in shade Poppy Pink, and finish it up with our Tinted Lip Oil in Cherryccino shade.

4. Add some depth with ombré lips

The ombré lips are all the rage right now! They give a depth to the face and add a fun rebellious feel to your pride makeup. The ombré effect lips are easy to achieve with a few simple steps.
First, take a lip brush and apply a line of ‘Paan-tastic’ Deep Wine or the ‘Barfee’ Coffee Brown lipstick on the outer edges of your lips.
Then, fill in the inner lips with our Hey Sugar Nude Brown lipstick and blend the lines.

5. Starry Eyes

One more eyeliner look that gives an edgy and celebratory look for pride day is the starry eye look. Yes, this may feel a bit overwhelming to do, but with a precision applicator like ours and some practice you will be able to make this pattern. 

As the initial step, keep your eyes open and draw a line that goes straight till the end of your lash line. Then make an inverted V, and continue this till you get a star shape. 

To make the eyes pop like in the image, add a generous layer of water-proof Wings For You Mascara.

 Also to try this Pride Month: Colourful Nails

To complete your pride day ensemble, paint each nail with a different colour, and let your nails shine in the rainbow nail art. LoveChild Masaba has a range of 24 vibrant gloss nail shades and a few shimmer ones, in case you want more dazzle!

And with this, we come to the end of our popping, full of joy pride makeup looks. We hope these looks play a part in lifting your mood to express your true self with pride. At LoveChild, we believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way!

We hope this pride month brings you one step closer to getting a win in the matters that mean the most to you.

Happy Pride Month!