Lovechild Masaba - Rani Core Luxe Matte Lipstick Pink Iris

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Embark on a journey into the captivating world of 'PINK' with our exclusive 'Rani Core' collection, a breathtaking ensemble of six distinct pink lip colours presented in a luxurious matte texture. Immerse yourself in the exquisite fusion of rich Pinkish Brown Lipstick colour and a velvety-smooth finish that guarantees ultimate comfort. Your quest for the perfect Pinkish Brown Lipstick goes beyond daily use; it extends to harmonizing with your ever-changing moods, whether you're seeking a bold statement or a soft, glamorous look. Among these six captivating shades, you'll uncover the alluring Nude Brown Pink Lipstick, meticulously chosen to empower the queen within you. Our lipsticks deliver unparalleled colour payoff with a single effortless glide, offering a silky-smooth formula for a gentle application. Experience comfortable, 24/7 wear and luxuriate in the rich, plumped matte finish adorned with saturated color. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E, known for its antioxidant and conditioning properties, along with the nourishing embrace of Cocoa Butter and the moisture-locking benefits of Jojoba Oil, these lipsticks pamper and enhance your lips, leaving them irresistibly soft and smooth. Find Bullet lipstick and explore a world of diverse shades. Shop now for the perfect lipsticks!
Work from the center of your lips out to the corners of your mouth.
When applied in real time the lipstick shade may appear different for each individual, depending on one’s skin tone, lip colour & texture
• Net Weight - 4gms
• Qty - 1
• MFD By: Regi India Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd, Plot No-09, Sector-5, lIE SIDCUL, Haridwar- 249403, Uttarakhand, India.
• Unparalleled Color payoff
• Silky Smooth Formula
• Comfortable Wear
• Rich Plumped Matte
• Saturated Color in One Stroke
• Soft Feel Matte Finish
1. Is Pinkish Brown lipstick is long-lasting?
LoveChild Masaba's Pinkish Brown Lipstick, notably their Nude Brown Pink Lipstick in ""Pink Iris,"" has a long wear time. This lipstick delivers a smooth and velvety texture to the lips thanks to its creamy matte formula and soft feel matte finish. The exceptional colour payoff delivers a vivid colour in a single stroke, while the silky smooth texture glides smoothly. The rich plumped matte appearance gives your lips volume. Though individual wear times may vary, this lipstick is designed to provide extended wear, allowing you to enjoy your lovely light pink lips all day or evening.
2. How to choose the right shade of Pinkish Brown lipstick?
Consider your skin tone and personal preferences while choosing the appropriate shade of Pinkish Brown lipstick. The Nude Brown Pink Lipstick by LoveChild Masaba has a lovely light pink shade with Nude undertones. Consider your skin tone when choosing a light pink shade: pale skin tones may prefer a softer, more delicate light pink, whilst medium and deep complexion tones may choose bolder, more vibrant light pink shades. Consider your unique style as well as the occasion. The creamy matte finish and silky smooth consistency deliver unrivalled colour payoff, making it a comfortable and flexible choice for a variety of looks and occasions.
3. Can I wear Pinkish Brown lipstick for a natural everyday look?
Absolutely! The Pinkish Brown Lipstick by LoveChild Masaba is ideal for producing a natural everyday look. Its Pinkish Brown Shade adds a gentle and subtle touch to your lips without overpowering your makeup. The creamy matte consistency provides a comfortable wear, and the silky smooth texture glides on smoothly. The exceptional colour payoff delivers intense colour in a single stroke, while the smooth feel matte finish creates a polished appearance. Whether you like a minimalist or natural makeup look, this Nude Brown lipstick is an excellent choice for enhancing your everyday beauty.
4. Does Pinkish Brown lipstick work well with bold eye makeup?
Yes, LoveChild Masaba's Pinkish Brown Lipstick complements dramatic eye makeup beautifully. Pink Iris' versatility allows them to match a broad range of eye makeup looks, including strong and dramatic styles. This lipstick's gentle and mild mauve pink shade gives a hint of sophistication and balance to strong eye styles, resulting in a harmonious overall makeup appearance. Whether you're wearing a smokey eye, colourful eyeshadow, or winged liner, the Nude Brown Pink lipstick will accentuate your lips while allowing your eye makeup to shine.
5. Is Nude Brown Pink lipstick Smudge Proof?
Yes, it's LoveChild Masaba's Nude Brown Pink Lipstick, which includes the shade ""Pink Iris,"" is smudge-proof. The creamy matte finish sets to a velvety texture, offering long-lasting wear without smearing or transferring. This allows you to wear the lipstick confidently throughout the day or evening without fear of smearing or feathering. The outstanding colour payoff and rich plumped matte appearance are preserved, resulting in a lovely and smudge-proof finish. This Pinkish Brown lipstick stays in place, keeping your lips appearing immaculate, whether you're eating, drinking, or going about your regular activities.


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