Take Off with LoveChild’s New Pout Collection!

Attention passengers and beauty lovers! Heading for a vacay? Worried about how you’ll carry all your favorite lip colors onboard? Worry no more as your cabin baggage is about to get a sexy twist! Introducing LoveChild’s New Lip Liner and Lip Crayon range that fits in your pocket so that you can keep your glam on wherever you go! Whether you are boarding a flight or going on a hike, these lip liners and crayons are here to amp up your lip game on the go. Let’s dig in to know more about this travel-friendly and pocket-friendly (quite literally) lip color range that is the new rage in beauty right now!  

‘Passport Pucker’ Lip Booster Matte Liner – The Hottest Pout Partner   

Let’s dive right in! LoveChild’s ‘Passport Pucker’ Lip Liner is a cute lip companion that fits in your pocket and stays up to 7 hours without feathering! Wait there’s more. 
This Lip Booster Matte Liner is the perfect travel buddy for all your ‘main udna chahti hoo’ trips and adventures. Fly, walk, trek or hop on a train with perfectly defined lips with ‘Passport Pucker’ Lip Liner. A 2-in-1 lip buddy, ‘Passport Pucker’ not only contours your lips but also makes them look fuller!  

Say goodbye to feathering and smudging of your lip colors and say hello to mattified 3D lip finish with this cool new range of Lip Liners from LoveChild Masaba. The best part, ‘Passport Pucker’ Lip Liners come in 12 cool shades that are best suited for all Indian skin tones. 

‘Passport to Plump’ Lip Volumizing Matte Crayon 

A stroke of matte and a long-lasting pop of color! Enjoy full coverage with the bold, modern, matte lip colors of LoveChild’s Lip Crayons. Super easy to apply, these lip crayons come with buildable color payoff that gives your lips that vibrant charm on the go. The best part is these lip crayons are pocket-friendly quite literally! Perfect for packing into your travel kit, these lip crayons are smooth and nourishing, thanks to the lip-loving ingredients packed within.  

So, if you are on vacay and are heading to a tropical paradise, then you don't need to worry about your lip color feathering away. Simply apply your favorite lip crayon and enjoy a super long lasting matte finish on your lips. Choose from 6 cool shades to suit your look and enjoy the pop of matte color. Enriched with the goodness of soyabean seed and licorice, these pocket-sized lip crayons nourish your lips as you take those pout selfies on your trip!  

Pro Tip for LC fam: If you wish to give your lips a 3D appearance, all you need to do is use a dark lip crayon on the outer edges and combine it with lighter shades in the inner portion of your lips. 

How to Use a Lip Liner and Lip Crayon? 

Here is a simple 3-step guide on how to use our lip buddies!  

Step1: Draw an ‘X’ on your Cupid’s Bow using the lip liner.
Step 2: Part your lips lightly & trace your natural lip line starting from the centre moving towards the outer edges of the lips. 

Step3: Now simply fill in your lips with your favourite shade of Lip Crayon and complete the look! 

Masaba’s Pro Tips and Tricks to Perfect your Pout

Here are Masaba’s pro tips which you can follow to use your favorite LoveChild lip liners and crayons to their fullest potential.
1) Lip Liner as eyeliner: Yes, you read that right! Your favorite lip liner can double up as an eyeliner to sync your makeup look. Simply draw along your eyelids with the lip liner shade of your choice and wink along with a pop of color!

2) Refrigerating the lip liner: As your lip liner gets used, it may turn blunt and soft. To ensure your lip liner remains crisp and easy to sharpen, simply pop it in your refrigerator until your next use to maintain its easy-to-use consistency.

3) Mix and match: Pick your favorite lip crayon colors and layer them on top of each other to experiment with colorful matte hues on your lips. You can even try to use darker shades with lighter ones to create a 3D lips effect. Cool, isn’t it? 

4) Overline: If you have thin lips and want to give them a fuller look, use a lip liner to extend your upper lip outline. Fill in with your favorite lip crayon and give your lips a fuller appearance.

5) Underline: If you have voluminous lips and wish to give them a sleeker appearance, simply dab on some concealer on the outer edges and use a lip liner to get your desired lip outline. Next, just fill in with your favorite lip crayon! 

From refining lip outlines to giving them the perfect definition, there is so much you can do using our lip liners and lip crayons. So, sip on your coffee or bite into a croissant with a worry-free smile and long-lasting lip colors as you step into your next adventure! 

Create your favorite lip look using LoveChild’s Lip Booster Matte Lip Liner and Volumizing Lip Crayon. Share your pout and tag us on your IG stories. We can’t wait to see you pucker up in style as you head off to your next destination! Happy Pouting!