How to (REALLY) use LoveChild’s Crème Blushes!


Prep skin  

It’s highly recommended to hydrate the skin before getting on to the blush. Spritz the Brightening Face Mist by LoveChild and pat gently. Once it’s moisturised and ready, tint works better on the skin as it blends better without seeming patchy or not glide as easily as you'd hope. 

How to use a LoveChild’s crème blushes, really! 

Fingertips: Clean your hands thoroughly. Now that they’re clean, get ready to get all the colour on ‘em! Pick a shade of your choice, and with the index & middle finger (both hands) pat on the crème blush tube & pick some of the product. REMEMBER: WITH LOVECHILD, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! Take only a tiny bit in the beginning, you can always take more if you feel it’s less. Smile, and apply the blush to the apple of your cheeks. Blend in backward motion towards the top of your ears. In case you feel like it’s too much colour for you, use a makeup blender or sponge so that it can absorb all the extra tint.  

Brush: Use a soft, flat top blush and gently glide it from the apple of your cheeks, backwards. Apply it the same way, post smiling so that you can gauge the natural contours of your face. A brush can gather too much product, causing wastage hence this is not our recommended method. However, in case you gather too much colour – use a sponge or makeup blender to remove some of it. 

Beauty Blender / Sponge: This method can be used to tap out colour, or in case you intend to blend 2 or more shades. In case you intend to blend a Peach Puchka with a Cinnamon Choli, use the darker shade (Cinnamon Choli which is a rustic orange) on the apple of your cheeks, while blending it out with Peach Puchka, which is a light shade – peach nude.  

Here’s when you can use LoveChild’s crème blushes based on your skintone & the look you’re going for!  

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