Add a Pop of Colour to Gloomy, Rainy Days With LoveChild

As the monsoon drizzles set in, we are often surrounded by dull landscapes; black umbrellas, white clouds and gray skies clouding over the chaos of daily urban life. 
So why not add a pop of color to your monsoon days with LoveChild Nail Enamels? Read on to find out how you can give your monsoon look a zing of color with easy DIY nail art tips and tricks!  

Vibrant Asymmetrical Nail Art 

Start with mixing and matching all your nail colors and go crazy with nail art experiments. Try vibrant, asymmetrical nail lacquer designs to pump your mood. A mix of everything from your nail paint stack, this can be easily achieved with a toothpick, and 2 thin paint brushes. Top it up after the first coat dries and get creative with this asymmetric nail art design using LoveChild Nail Enamels. 

Minimalist Nail Art  

If you are not a fan of detailing, then try doodling over your nails with cool graffiti. With an ivory base coat, go on to draw cute doodles of your favorite elements. You can easily draw these with any fine tipped permanent marker. However, we’d strongly suggest markers that are especially formulated for nails, to cause minimum damage and provide easy removal when intended. 

Prim and Proper Nail Art 

For those who like to keep it neat, this nail art design may be your next favorite. Decorate your nail borders using adhesive paper in the areas which you don’t want color on. Then go on and paint the whole nail. Once the coat dries, peel off the adhesive papers. With a fine brush, add any more detailing that you’d like. Choose from the exciting range of LoveChild’s Breathable Nail Enamel collection and get creative with your outlines. 

Floral Nail Art 

To add a touch of spring on a rainy day, simply go for a floral nail art design. Use a glossy nail enamel as a base coat. Once it dries up, paint daisies or any flower of your choice with a thin brush. Simple, isn’t it? 

Apart from painting them pretty, it is also crucial to take care of your nails - especially when the climate is moist and humid. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your nails healthy and nourished.  

  • Clip nails regularly: Consider clipping your nails every two weeks, or at longer intervals based on the length you prefer. 
  • Let them breathe: Nails, like other surfaces of our body, need to be open to air, to rest and repair. Coating the nails all the time, with no breaks in the middle - can cause breakage and turn them yellow. 
  • Nourishment: The moment you free your nails from any kind of polish or lacquer, make it a point to dunk your nails in warm coconut oil or olive oil. Packed with fatty acids, these oils provide them with nutrients and protect them from infections. 
  • Protein-rich foods: Indulge in protein-rich foods like eggs, beans, nuts, spinach, that are full of zinc and biotin as well, which keep nails thicker and less prone to breaking. Such foods also promote nail growth.  

With so many easy-to-follow tips, we are sure you are excited about which nail art to start with this monsoon. Go ahead and choose from LoveChild’s Breathable Nail Enamel range and flaunt your nails with creative nail art ideas. Share your nail art experiments and tag us on social media! Happy Monsoon!