Add a pop of colour to gloomy, rainy days

Grey, white, various shades of grey, and various shades of white - that’s all our eyes see during the monsoon. Such weather can easily affect mood, making us feel gloomy, blue, morose. Adding a pop of colour to your OOTD - including your shoes, nails, hair accessories - can brighten up your day in an instant!

Colour, colour, which colour do you want?

Almost like “modern art”, this vibrant, asymmetrical nail lacquer idea is definitely going to pump your mood. It’s not as tough as it looks. A mix of everything from your nail paint stack, this can be easily achieved with a toothpick, and 2 thin paint brushes + a lot of patience - as a lot of it is only possible after the first coat dries up.

The elements

With an ivory base coat, this nail art idea is for the spiritually enlightened. If not, you can also choose to draw cute doodles instead! Worried about how to paint these fine icons at home? Stress not! You can easily draw these with any fine tipped permanent marker. However, we’d strongly suggest markers that are especially formulated for nails, to cause minimum damage and easy removal when intended.

Neutrals & Solids

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Nail polishes with neutral or solid shades are the go-to solution for monsoons. Especially the LoveChild Nail Enamel, it’s super easy to use along with its Advanced Oxygen Technology allowing the nails to breathe in spite of a coat of nail enamel on top - perfect for the humidity that comes with monsoons.

Minimal AF!

For the lovers of prim-proper designs, this one is funky yet not. You can create this one by sticking adhesive paper in the areas which you don’t want colour on, and paint the whole nail. Once it dries up, peel off the adhesive papers off the nails. With a fine brush, add any more detailing that you’d like. It’s almost like a cut-up dress - the enamel is there, but not!

Follow the soft sun with daisies

To add a little bit of a spring mood into the dim, somber monsoon - paint the town red! While you do that, do that to your nails too! A matte-finish might look nice, but a glossy formula will look even better as a base coat. Once it dries up, with a thin brush - paint the dainty daisies with a white and yellow.

Apart from painting your nails pretty, it’s also crucial to take care of those mighty claws - especially when the climate is so moist and humid.

  • Clip ‘em regularly: Consistent trims are essential - likewise for your hair and nails. Consider doing this every two weeks, or at longer intervals based on the length you prefer.
  • Leave the cuticles as is: Very few of us know that the cuticles are an essential part of nail health! It acts as a seal that protects your nails from bacteria that could enter the nails, make them brittle and even cause infections (if things get worse.)
  • Let them breathe: Make sure there’s a few days when your nails are absolutely naked - no lacquer whatsoever. Nails, like other surfaces of our body, need to be open to air, to rest and repair. Coating the nails all the time, with no breaks in the middle - can cause breakage and turn them yellow!
  • Dunk ‘em: The moment you free your nails from any kind of polish or lacquer, make it a point to dunk ‘em in warm coconut oil or olive oil. Packed with fatty acids, this provides them with the necessary nutrients that help them grow faster and get stronger, while also protecting them from any kind of fungal infections.
  • Wear gloves while doing dishes: It’s best to protect the nails and hands from harsh detergents and soaps. These formulations are made with higher chemical values to take off the grease, which is too harsh for our hands.
  • Protein-rich foods: Indulge in protein-rich foods like eggs, beans, nuts, spinach, that are full of zinc and biotin as well, which keep nails thicker and less prone to breaking. Such foods also promote nail growth.

Make the most of fun, rainy days to flaunt your healthy nails, along with the nail art!