Why Serum Tints are the Perfect Choice for Summers

With the rising temperatures of summer, applying makeup can be a daunting task and most of us end up dealing with makeup-melts and smudgy foundations. But worry no more! Enter LoveChild Masaba's 4-in-1 solution that is perfect for summers! Our latest innovation, ‘Skip Everything’ Serum Tints are a wonder in a bottle. They are super easy to apply, lightweight, and perfect for the ice cream melting heat!  Let’s take a look at all the features of our Serum Tints and why you should be keeping one in your bags all summer. 

What are Serum Tints?

Serum Tints, as the name suggests, are lightweight and easy-to-apply formulations, similar to foundations. In the case of serum tints, the formulation is more sheer and seamlessly blendable which makes it great for the summers! This Serum Tint is also great for a subtle coverage and no-makeup look with a sheer finish.

We get that you may not want to always wear full-coverage makeup, especially when it’s 40° celsius out there! The serum-like consistency of the ‘Skip Everything’ Serum Tint helps you achieve a more put-together look with ease of application at any given time of the day.

Lightweight Coverage

Tired of makeup bases that feel heavy on the face on a sweltering day? Looking for a lightweight makeup product that doesn't make you look for a cleanser and wipe? Then, 'Skip Everything' 4-in-1 Serum Tint is the ideal choice for you! This Serum Tint lays on your skin with a thin, lightweight coverage that is as light as a feather. No more cakey and melting makeup in summer, simply a smooth texture that stays  all day long!

4-in-1 Perfection

There is a reason why the ‘Skip Everything’ Serum Tint is one to look out for. With this  4-in-1 serum tint, you get the benefits of a Primer, Moisturizer, Sunscreen, and Foundation. Come on, we didn’t call our Serum Tints 'Skip Everything' for nothing! This product will save you SO much time and effort on those excruciatingly hot days, all while you get a beautiful finish on your skin!

Optical Diffuser Technology

We know you’re wondering how the serum tints are able to achieve a lightweight version of the foundation look. That’s because we used a super special Optical Diffuser technology- keeping in mind that even in summer, our skin requires a product that can blur pores and pigmentation to give a natural finish. Get an airbrushed, flawless finish with our Serum tints and enjoy a radiant summer makeup look!

SPF Protection

Come summer and all we look for is SPF protection. Isn't it? We care for you and to make things less tedious in summer, our 'Skip Everything' contains SPF 20! Be worry-free and have fun outdoors while looking your best - knowing that LoveChild Masaba will guard you every step of the way. 

Shades That Suit Your Summer Skin Tone

Inclusivity has been our top priority since day one, we want every makeup lover to look and feel their best. These Serum Tints also come in a variety of 10 shades that are best suited for all Indian skin tones. These shades vary from fair, medium to deep with undertone options of yellow, neutral, and pink.

For example, if you have fair skin with pink undertones, then ‘Ice You’ shade may be the ideal pick for you. If you have medium skin with yellow-toned skin then our ‘Honest Honey’ is your best friend. As a dark-skinned beauty with neutral/pink tones, there is no better choice than our ‘Tough Toffee’

Using the tints is as easy as counting 1-2-3! Open the bottle, squeeze a small dot on your fingertips and simply use our built-in brush to spread and blend the product. That’s all! Do you see why this serum tint is such a superstar?

A Must-Try Summer Makeup Look With 'Skip Everything' 

On hot days, summer makeup should ideally be vibrant and easy to wear. To look fabulous in summer, begin by applying this serum tint and then dab some LoveChild Masaba’s Creme blush on your cheeks. Apply a thin line on your eyelids with our Eyeliner, and pick a Matte Liquid Lipstick from our collection that matches your style. As a final simple step, our perfecting powder will help set your makeup and absorb any excess moisture. 

So there you go! The ‘Skip Everything’ 4-in-1 Serum Tint is just what your summer beauty routine has been waiting for! So blendable, lightweight and versatile that you might not feel like going a day without wearing it. Get ready and rock your summer makeup look with this serum tint!