‘Skip Everything’ with 4-in-1 Perfection!

Hey beauty lovers! We all agree that makeup routines can be time taking. From cleansing to prepping the skin, there are a dozen steps that can get you glaring at the clock on workday mornings. But what if we told you, there is a way to ‘Skip Everything’ and save time in your makeup routine every single day? Introducing LoveChild Masaba’s ‘Skip Everything, a 4-in-1 blurring serum tint that can save time and give you that perfect makeup look every day! Dish out your favorite makeup brushes and get ready to know more about this mind-blowing 4-in-1 serum tint!

What is a Serum Tint?

If you are looking to prep your skin for a luminous finish in an instant, a serum tint is the go-to product! For all those wondering, a serum tint is like the lightweight version of foundation. A foundation is denser and gives full coverage. A serum tint, on the other hand, is thinner and gives sheer coverage. Serum tints spread easily on the face and are easy to blend, unlike foundations.  Perfect for a no-makeup look, these tints can easily be used as a substitute for foundation every day.

What is Special About ‘Skip Everything’?

For those who are new into the world of makeup, ‘Skip Everything’ is surely going to be your superhero! Step 1: Moisturizer, Step 2: Primer, and what goes next? Can’t remember? Worry no more as it’s time to skip the drill with a 4-in-1 serum tint - ‘Skip Everything’!

There are serum tints and then there is ‘Skip Everything’ from LoveChild by Masaba. Normally serum tints offer only sheer coverage, but ‘Skip Everything’ offers much more than just that! This 4-in-1 serum tint helps you get the goodness of four steps in one easy-to-use product. ‘Skip Everything’ packs in four essentials to help you save time; a Primer, Moisturizer, Sunscreen and Foundation all in one!

No more rummaging into your makeup kit for foundations and moisturizers! In ten versatile shades suitable for Indian skin tones, ‘Skip Everything’ has a light, serum-like consistency that blends seamlessly into the skin. If you are looking for a glowy, natural finish, this 4-in-1 serum tint is the best pick. The Special Optical Diffuser technology used in this serum tint blurs flaws like a pro and is perfect for a clean, sheer coverage. One step is ALL you need to ‘Skip Everything’ and rock your makeup like a real queen every morning.

Sip your morning chai a little longer with time on your hands with the power of 4-in-1!

What’s more? ‘Skip Everything’ blends like butter and blurs pores for a luminous finish. A seamless start and a moisturizing boost – what more can one ask for?  Worried about heading out in the sun with serum tint?  ‘Skip Everything’ gives SPF 20 protection too! Enriched with an emollient Ester, it preps the skin for the perfect glide, comfortable wear and a silky skin feel!

With ten versatile shades customized exclusively for Indian skin tones, this blurring serum tint is perfect for an instant natural finish. Blur, blend and shine on with a luminous finish!

When and How to Use ‘Skip Everything’ Serum Tint?

Now that you know all about this 4-in-1 magic, it’s time to explore how and when to use ‘Skip Everything’

Step1: Squeeze out an ideal amount of ‘Skip Everything’ blurring serum tint and apply on a clean, dry face

Step2: Use the in-built brush attached with pack for an even spread. You could also choose to use your fingers or a foundation brush to spread the product evenly for a natural finish.

Must-Try Classic Nude Makeup Look with ‘Skip Everything’

Love to go minimal with makeup? Try this stepwise guide to rock that nude makeup look with a quick dab of ‘Skip Everything’ serum tint!

Step 1: Apply an ideal amount of ‘Skip Everything’ as explained above.
Step2: Next, to add a natural flush of color on your cheeks, use LoveChild Masaba’s ‘Peach Puchka’ Nude Creme Blush.
Step 3: Now apply a thin layer of LoveChild Masaba’s ‘Nazar Na Lage’ kajal on the upper eye lid

There you go, your classic nude makeup look is all set in just a matter of minutes! Thanks to the time saved with 4-in-1 blurring serum tint!

Ten Versatile Shades for Indian Skin Tones

Looking for a shade that brings out your natural skin tone? ‘Skip Everything’ has the entire platter ready for you! Specially designed for Indian skin tones, this 4-in-1 serum tint comes in ten versatile shades to fit all. Choose from ten shade choices; Icy you, Moody Mama, Quirky Queen, Delicate Darling and many others to pick one that fits you best!

With so many benefits packed in one serum tint, we are sure you are excited about levelling up your makeup game! Stay true to your skin tone and get ready to rock your daily makeup routine with a quick and easy 4-in1 prep. Skip the drama and own the right tint this season!

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