Get Best Lipsticks for Dark Skin Exclusively At LoveChild

Hey, you dark-skinned beauties! We know how much you love your lip colour collection. While you may have several shades in your makeup kit, we would like to help you pick your top favourite lipstick shades that complement your beautiful skin tone. Here are some handpicked LoveChild lipstick shades best suited for dark-skinned beauties.
Let’s jump right in!

Shades That Look Good On Dark Skin Tones

Here are some fabulous LoveChild Masaba lipstick shades that complement the deep tones:

1. Bright Tones 

While bright tones do not feel like a natural pick, the vibrancy of these lipsticks create a beautiful contrast for your lips to be the lovely centre of attention.  

Our shade Twisted is a Blue-toned Red bullet lipstick that helps add more life and dimension to the face. This shade has a glossy-matte formula that keeps the lips moisturised—after all, nobody wants lipstick that settles into the creases! 

2. Pink Shades for the Nude Lip Look

Who isn’t in awe of nude lip looks? They are subtle, chic and look classy at dinner parties and on workdays. One way to achieve that nude lip look for deeper skin tones is to choose a light pink shade. 

Our Meetha Jaljeera is a lush matte Mauve Pink lip crème. The pink in the lip colour is great at retaining some radiance while making a suitable nude shade for deep skin. 

3. Browns 

A countdown of some of our favourite choices in lipsticks for dark skin tones includes the brown tones. Brown lipstick shades go really well with the warmth in deep skin tones. Brown is also a good shade to add a sophisticated touch or a bit of edginess to your look. 

Barfee is a Coffee Brown Bullet Lipstick that glides onto your lips with a matte, glossy feel; reminiscent of delicious sweet delights. This shade complements a deep pink blush like Shocking Sharbat, adding a subtle freshness to your daily makeup routine.

In case you’re in search of a true brown lipstick that is matte and transfer-proof, then our Hukum liquid lipstick is the right choice for you. Hukum is an elegant lady’s go-to shade. As a popular opinion, the shade is often used as a part of monochromatic makeup looks. 

Also try our Kapi Martini rich brown lip créme which fits well with beauties of all ages. 

4. Maroons and Burgundies

A classic maroon/burgundy lipstick shade works wonders for deep skin. Maroons and Burgundies are really good at providing a deep, sultry look—a look that every glamorous event asks for. 

Bringing a colour that is a universal shade made to flatter all types of skin tones - Take A Dare transfer-proof liquid lipstick. Being a blood-red maroon, the shade is made for dramatic looks!

For every diva out there, Paan-tastic deep wine bullet lipstick will bring a pop of colour to your lips - one that will make you feel ever-confident and beautiful. 

5. Mauves 

Mauves were a big part of the 90s lipstick trends, and rightfully so. Mauve tones are good at giving a very subtle contrast while also being a little bit different than conventional colours (in case you want to try something new). The No Rules in Choco Plum shade has a smooth texture, and it goes well with Western and ethnic outfits.  

Another shade that adds a touch of royalty to your outfits is the It Fits in Mauve Pink, a liquid lipstick versatile for corporate girlies and soft glam girlies alike. 

Tip To Make Lipsticks Look Good on Dark Skin

Here are two super-important tips that will change your lipstick game:

Use a Lip Liner: If there is one advice you should take away from this article, then it is to use a dark shade lip liner. A lip liner not only helps in making sharp lines around the lip edges but it also helps blend in light shades that you may be interested in using. 

For instance, if you were to pick the Caramel Bullet lipstick shade, it may feel a bit too light for you. But our newly released Passport Pucker Lip liner in the shade Bougie AF (Coffee Brown) is a great way to blend it in for your complexion. This is a great step for deep and light lipsticks alike. 

Conceal Lip Area : Whether it’s blemishes or any hyperpigmentation, using the Concealer Cameo in your suitable shade helps create an even base around your lips to go on.   

So there you go dark-skinned beauties! Don’t restrict yourself to just one or two shades of lipstick because there are so many stunning shades for you to choose from! Each shade that LoveChild creates is designed to suit all types of skin tones, including yours. Go ahead and feel confident in lip colours that make you feel happy and pretty!