Learn To Cover White Eyebrow Hair

Hey Ladies! Aging is a natural and beautiful journey for us all. As we get older, our wisdom increases, as does the greying of our hair, including our eyebrows. We know that white eyebrow hair can feel challenging, but embracing the change gives you an opportunity to welcome the gift of distinctiveness to your beauty. 

Let’s take good look at some questions you may have with regard to your white eyebrow hair and how to cover them while maintaining your natural beauty. LoveChild Masaba has something special in store for you!

What Causes Grey Eyebrows?

Similar to hair on our heads, grey eyebrow hair can occur from a decrease in melanin production, which can be brought on by age, genetics, nutrition, or occasionally even stress.
Managing the stress level can help with greying of eyebrows, especially if it is premature greying. Engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation or playing your favourite sports like cricket reduces the stress and can regulate the melanin production.
Premature greying can also be improved by eating well, food with Vit D3, Vit B12, calcium, and biotin that are beneficial to support melanin in your body.   

How to Cover White Eyebrow Hair

There are many products out there made for the greying hair on our heads, some of which are strong and permanent. However, when it comes to white hair and eyebrows, you should look for gentle and safe products in place of a permanent solution for white eyebrows, since you are dealing with a sensitive area around your eyes. What’s our solution? It’s Brow-Me Points Tinted Brow Gel. This is a non-toxic, sulfate & paraben-free, nourishing, and effective eyebrow gel that you can add to your makeup routine to enhance the natural beauty of your brows. Our Brow gel will cover the grey eyebrow hair, fill any gaps and give a defined shape to your brows.

LoveChild Masaba’s Brow-Me Points Tinted Brow Gel

LoveChild stands out as a brand that embraces beauty in all its forms and our products are formulated keeping in mind your unique requirements.

This remarkable brow gel forms a layer of tint on your eyebrow hair, giving a natural and polished look. Available in 4 versatile shades—Brown Brew, Honey Haze, Frosted Grey, and Banoffee—this brow gel offers a long-lasting, transfer-proof formula that won’t dry out your skin or hair.
The brow gel is sleek and has an easy-to-use design - ideal for enhancing your greying eyebrows. 

The Technique for Covering White Eyebrow Hair with Brow Gel

To achieve the best results with LoveChild Masaba’s Brow-Me Points Tinted Brow Gel or learning how to hide white hair in eyebrows properly, follow these simple steps:

  1. Shape Your Brows:
    Begin by brushing your eyebrows with the spoolie to define their natural shape. This step helps to groom the brows and prepare them for product application, ensuring a neat and polished look.
  2. Create a Base:
    Using the slim tip of the brow gel, draw in brow-like upward strokes, starting from the inner brow and moving towards the tail. This technique mimics the appearance of natural brow hairs and creates a fuller, more defined look.
  3. Cover the Grey:
    Fill in any sparse spots in your brows and make sure all grey hairs are covered. The tinted gel will blend well with your natural brow color. After applying the gel, brush out the lines with the spoolie to soften any harsh edges and achieve a natural, well-blended finish.

LoveChild Masaba’s Brow-Me Points Tinted Brow Gel makes the application process easy for you. Its intense color pay-off makes sure that even the most stubborn grey hair are covered. The formula is transfer and smudge-proof, ensuring your brows stay perfect all day. Plus, for a natural look, the spoolie separates the hair as you stroke.

Ageing is a journey that brings wisdom and beauty. Embracing the changes, including greying eyebrows, allows us to celebrate our unique self. LoveChild Masaba’s Brow-Me Points Tinted Brow Gel is here to help you to enhance your natural look safely and effectively.
So, bring home our nourishing, non-toxic formula, and confidently cover your white eyebrow hair to step out with brows that reflect your timeless beauty.
#Be Har Innings Mein Be_you_tiful and let your brows tell your story!