Pre-Holi & Post-Holi Care with LoveChild!

It’s the festival of colours, and we know it can be damaging to skin – but that doesn’t mean we don’t play! Here are some tips on how to stay away from colour stains, dry skin & brittle nails – pre & post holi: 

Stepping into colours 

Paint the town red with 'Jhil Mil’ Shimmer Nail Enamel that’s formulated with Hexanal for long-term nail care and to protect them from harmful colours and toxins. To protect your skin, first – gently graze ice cubes all over the exposed part of your body to close pores so that harmful colours and toxic water doesn’t penetrate the skin. Also, slather a sufficient amount of almond & olive oil to prevent stains & helps clear off the body of the colours. 


Lastly, the I Like To Sugarcoat’ lip balms with SPF 22 are a must for hydration and sun protection, as it’s enriched with almond oil, shea butter & vitamin E, and to add a cute tint to your lippies!  

Post-Holi Care 

Once you wash all the colour off you, spray LoveChild’s Face Mist for instant hydration and antimicrobial properties. Pat gently into skin. Eventually, you can also use the 100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Mask which also combats acne and works as a brightening bomb! Lastly, a coat of the Coffee & Cake lip balm hydrates your lips inside out for soft lips, that are yummy & tinted too!