Lovechild Edition: Shine With The Archies Makeup Looks

Hey, makeup enthusiasts! 

Are you obsessed with The Archies movie like us? Ready to transport yourself to the enchanting era of 1960s Indian Riverdale? Well, buckle up because we're about to spill the secrets on how to nail the makeup looks inspired by Suhana Khan (Veronica), Khushi Kapoor (Betty Cooper), and Aditi Dot (Ethel Muggs). These gals are not just characters; they're trendsetters. 

So, Let’s delve into the unique features of each of The Archies makeup looks, breaking down the key elements, and providing Lovechild Masaba product recommendations to help you recreate these iconic styles. Get ready to unleash your inner The Archies spirit and express your individuality through these fabulous makeup choices.

 The Archies Makeup Breakdown

Let’s do a deep dive into the glam of Veronica, Betty and Ethel!

1. Veronica Lodge (Suhana Khan) Makeup Look:

Let's talk about The Archies movie Suhana Khan’s Veronica – the town's richest gal who knows her glam game. Here's how you can get her look:


Start with the Primer Premiere | City-Proof Hydrating – for that smooth looking skin.
Choose a concealer that best suits your skin tone and cover any secrets with our elegant range of concealers including the Cinnamon Diva Nude Face Concealer,
For a classic definition like Veronica, add a pop of LoveChild Masaba - Peach Puchka | Peach Nude Creme Blush on your cheeks.

City-Proof – Hydrating Primer Premiere


Veronica’s 60s bold winged eyes are irresistible – achieve it with LoveChild Masaba’s - Wings For Your Eyes Water-proof Mood-proof Eyeliner. It's like drawing wings for your eyes to fly high!
Smooth-Talking Waterproof Kajal


Decide your mood for a posh look- classic or nude? Either way, pick Meetha Jaljeera | Lush-Matte Mauve Pink Lip Crème or Hey Sugar | Nude Brown Bullet Lipstick for lips that speak volumes.

So there you have it, feel Veronica's confidence with Lovechild products for that perfect touch of glam and sophistication!

Meetha Jaljeera pink lip cream

2. Betty Cooper (Khushi Kapoor) Makeup Look:

Meet Betty – the girl-next-door with a natural glow that's envy-worthy. Here's how to channel her bombshell vibe:


Start with a splash of freshness using Face On! - Here She Glows! - Brightening Face Mist.
Lock it in with Primer Premiere | City-Proof Hydrating for Betty’s glow from within
Need some cover-up? Pick a concealer that fits you, our range of concealers like the Bombshell Ivory Face Concealer is sure to leave you looking fresh and dewy, Lovechild’s concealers are the perfect go-to for Betty’s glow.
For those pinky pink cheeks that make a girl look like she’s naturally blushing when she get’s a compliment, reach for Shocking Sharbat | Deep Pink Creme Blush

Bombshell Ivory Face Concealer

Make your eyes pop with Nazar Na Lage | Water-proof & Matte Smooth Kajal and create magic with Wings For Your Eyes Water-proof Mood-proof Eyeliner. Betty's round eyes are windows to her charming soul!

Wings For Your Eyes Water-proof Mood-proof Eyeliner


Seal the deal with Rani Core Luxe Matte Lipstick Poppy Pink for lips that scream sweetness.

Betty's secret is all fresh and rosy – let Lovechild products be your beauty confidante for that perfect girl-next-door look!

 Rani Core Luxe Matte Lipstick Poppy Pink

3. Ethel Muggs (Aditi Dot) Makeup Look:

Ethel Muggs is an eccentric yet good-hearted teenager, she brings a bold and unique makeup style. Let’s dive into the details:


Firstly, Face On! - Here She Glows! - Brightening Face Mist’s hydration a must for Ethel’s look

Since no base is complete without a primer, apply Primer Premiere | City-Proof Hydrating, and very lightly dab a concealer of your choice, say you pick the Beige King Face Concealer- make sure you use as little of the concealer as possible- Ethel is all-natural gal. 
Achieve the no-makeup-makeup blush look with Bubblegum | Baraat Light Pink Creme Blush applied right on the center of the cheeks and on the tip of the nose to highlight the features. 

Tea Tree Face Mist


For soft natural eyes like Ethel, all you need to do is tightline the upper waterline with Nazar Na Lage | Water-proof & Matte Smooth Kajal.


Embrace the warmth with Gulabi Rum Punch | Lush-Matte Pink Lip Crème for Ethel's signature warm pink lips.

Let Lovechild products empower you to experiment with Ethel's fearless and edgy makeup choices!

 Lush-Matte Pink Lip Crème

In the world of The Archies, makeup is more than just a routine; it's a statement. Suhana Khan's Veronica brings sophistication, Khushi Kapoor's Betty radiates youthfulness, and Aditi Dot's Ethel showcases boldness. Lovechild products are your BFFs for achieving these iconic looks with quality and versatility!. As you embark on your makeup journey inspired by The Archies, remember – it's not just about makeup; it's about expressing your individuality and having fun. Try Lovechild Masaba, recreate these iconic styles, and let your inner Archies shine!