Face On! - Here She Glows! - Brightening Face Mist (100ml)

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Discover the glowing complexion with Face On, our revitalising face mist! Your key to better skin tone and radiance is this Refreshing Face Spray, which is brimming with the goodness of Niacinamide & Alpha Arbutin. Take advantage of the potent combination of skin-loving elements in Tea Tree Face Mist to transform into a shining human light. Allow the Refreshing Face Spray to do its job and you'll emerge with a refreshed and glowing skin. With this Tea Tree Face Mist from LoveChild, bid dullness by and welcome to a revitalising shine. Use this energising mist to step up your skincare regimen for the best possible renewal and all-over radiance. Discover the perfect face mist for a refreshing and hydrating experience from LoveChild Masaba!
• Niacinamide: Helps build Keratin that keeps skin firm & healthy. Retains moisture in the skin keeping it smooth & hydrated. Protects not only from sun damage but also other environmental stressors such as pollution & toxins thus protecting the skin's natural barrier. Helps treat dark spots & pigmentation.
• Alpha Arbutin: Helps reduce pigmentation, visibly fades dark spots & hyperpigmentation without irritation. Helps in skin brightening & improves overall skin tone.
Aqua, Ethoxydiglycol, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Gluconate, Allantoin, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Fragrance, Alpha Arbutin, Crocus Sativus Flower Extract
• Shake well before use.
• Close your eyes & spray from 11-12 inches away.
• Use anytime during the day for a midday boost of hydration.
• MFG By: N.G: ELECTRO PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. Unit II, Plot No.-36, HIMUDA, Industrial Area, Phase N, Bhatolikalan, Baddi, Distt. Solan (H.P.)- 173205, India. • Country of Origin: India
1. Can Tea Tree face mist be used on body skin?
Yes, Tea Tree face mist by LoveChild Masaba, can also be used on the body skin. Tea Tree oil is well-known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, which can help with a variety of skin issues such as body acne and irritation. To guarantee there are no adverse effects, perform a patch test before applying it on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.
2. Can Refreshing face Spray be used on all ages?
Yes, refreshing face spray are generally safe to use on people of all ages. When using a face spray on a child or newborn, however, it is critical to select a product that is specifically developed for their sensitive skin. Look for mists labelled as safe for children or newborns and free of harsh chemicals.
3. Are there Refreshing face Spray with sun protection?
Yes, refreshing face sprays with enhanced sun protection are available. LoveChild Masaba Tea Tree Face Mist is a quick and easy way to reapply spf throughout the day. These sun protection face sprays are especially useful for outdoor activities or when you need to protect your skin from damaging UV radiation.
4. Can Tea Tree face mist be used as a makeup primer?
While Tea Tree face mist may have some skin advantages, it is not commonly used as a makeup primer. The basic goal of a makeup primer is to produce a smooth basis for makeup application, fill up pores, and help makeup last longer. If you're looking for a cosmetic primer, it's preferable to go with a product designed expressly for that purpose.
5. Can Refreshing face Spray be used during travel or in dry environments?
Yes, LoveChild Masaba's refreshing face spray is ideal for use while travelling or in dry areas. Dehydrated skin can result from air travel and arid conditions, and using a face mist can provide much-needed hydration and a pleasant effect. It can help fight the drying effects of the environment and revitalise your skin. Just keep in mind that if you plan to take liquids in your carry-on bags during flights, you must adhere to any airline laws governing liquids.


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