Slay (trending) wedding looks with LoveChild

Dressing up for weddings can be tricky, but choosing the right makeup look for it - is DEFINITELY trickier! Here are fun and trending options for you to try on - with vegan and paraben-free products from LoveChild.

Nude Matte

It’s all about your apparel and eyes here! If your outfit is bright, electric and blingy, a nude, subtle look draws attention to the contouring of the face and the eyes.

➔ Try our Luxe-Matte lipstick in the shade ‘Sweet Supreme’ and ‘Eye Candy’ for the lips, as a blush and on the eyelids - if you have a fair to medium skin tone for a pinkish-mauve flush. In case of medium to dusky skin tone, consider the shades ‘Caramel’ and ‘Hey Sugar’ LoveChild LuxeMatte lipsticks.

➔ We’d also suggest the ‘Nazar Na Lage’ Smooth-Talking kajal for a deep, smokey eye look. The coal black, water-proof and smudge-proof formula is perfect for long-haul occasions!

➔ Additionally, you can use the ‘Here She Glows!’ Brightening Face Mist post makeup, to set all the makeup!


For the ones who love colour and pastels are their vibe, minimal makeup works beautifully with light coloured apparel.

➔ The shade ‘Meetha’ in LoveChild Luxe-Matte lipsticks which is a mauve pink works well for the lips, but the blush and eyelids too!

➔ If you are a ‘liquid lipstick’ girl, you can consider the Mad-Matte range in the shade ‘Double Star’ which is a dusty rose pink, ‘It Fits’ which is a mauve pink, ‘Clear the Lane’ which is a cute nude pink for a transferproof, lightweight formula and shades that suit all Indian skin tones!

➔ With it, you can opt for the shade ‘Mint-to-be’ for a mauve flush on the eyelids along with a winged eyeliner look with the LoveChild Wings for your Eyes eyeliner.


Royal red

➔ For the classic Indian bridal look (that goes soooooo well with an all-red outfit, the same as an ivory one) you can go for the shade ‘Twisted’ if you’d like a bullet lipstick, or ‘Rani’ if you’d like a matte liquid lipstick. These true red shades are matte by all means and provide high colour saturation in just one stroke!

➔ For the eyes you can hands down, go for our ‘Nazar Na Lage’ kajal for a smokey eye look. The LoveChild kajal lasts forever, while it also gives a matte finish!

➔ But first, use the ‘Like a Fresh Start’ 100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Mask which is like a brightening bomb due amazing ingredients like Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid. Don't forget to use the serum from the pack for your neck and hands, for extra beautification.

Shimmer Nails for the Shaadi SZN!

If you’re a pastel kinda’ gal and love glossy nail enamels, go for LoveChild’s breathable nail enamel that has 24 muted, vibrant, and monochrome shades, which is also long lasting and chip resistant! If you’re someone who’s got bling oozing from your persona, make way for the Shimmer Nail Enamels that are fiercely sparkling, 3D and have large particles of glitter & pearls. Boasting of 6 vibrant shades, it’s for all the wedding shenanigans - from the bachelor(ette) party till your BFF’s wedding ceremony!