Brow-Me Points: Everything Your Brow Needs

Explore LoveChild’s exclusive brow product range with pro tips and tricks 

Hey Queens! We know how much you love makeup. Foundations, concealers, eyeshadows and all that jazz. But here’s a fun fact. While foundations and concealers are prime elements of makeup, there is one underrated element which holds a significance of its own; Brow makeup. 

In close coordination with eye makeup, good brow makeup can elevate the look and persona altogether. Let’s dive right into the world of brow makeup essentials featuring LoveChild’s unique Brow-Me Points collection.  

What’s the Big Deal About Brows? 

While some of us may underestimate brow makeup, here’s why brows play a super crucial role in face makeup. For starters, brows constitute an essential part of eye makeup. They draw attention to the eyes and serve as the outline for face makeup. A reference marker for facial symmetry, brows can be treated as guiding points during face makeup.  

Remember that brows are not just a random tuft of hair on the face. They speak their own language when toned and taken care of. For example, well defined, neat brows speak volumes about a personality and often leave a lasting impression. Brows convey a host of emotions such as surprise, joy and even help exude confidence. Believe it or not, brows, quite literally, make a statement of their own. 

Why Pick LoveChild’s Brow-Me Points? 

While brow makeup sounds easy, it is not all that easy to understand which brow product to choose. From shaping to smudging, LoveChild by Masaba’s Brow Collection has it all covered to help you ace your brow game.  

‘Brown Binge’ Brow Palette 

Yes, even brows have their own palette for makeup! LoveChild’s Brown Binge Brow Palette is one such palette perfect for the ideal brow makeup finish.  Shape, fill in and redefine your eyebrows with this long lasting and smudge-proof palette. For those who are new to brow makeup, a brow palette helps create an illusion of thicker and fuller eyebrows. It can be used to add color and redefine brow outlines as desired. The Brown Binge palette offers a weightless and long-lasting formula that glides smoothly on brows. With a free angled brush, it helps get a matte finish with better precision.  

How to Use a Brow Palette 

Step1: Brush eyebrows with the spoolie for definition.  

Step2: Fill the angled brush with product and draw light feathery lines.  

Step3: Blend well from inner brow down to the tail for a natural finish. 

Now let's dive into LoveChild’s next Brow product; the Brow Styling Gel! 

Brow Styling Gel 

LoveChild’s Tinted Brow Styling Gel is the go-to product for all your unruly brow needs. Smear a layer of this lightweight formula on those brows and shape them to make a style statement in seconds. Comb, shape and lock defined eyebrows in place as you prep for a busy day at work. Come sun or rain, your brows will stay intact in style. Thanks to sheer buildable coverage that helps hold the brows in place.  

How to Use a Brow Gel 

Step1: Apply the brow styling gel in feathery strokes.  

Step2: Start from the base of the eyebrow and work towards the tip to get defined brows that last all day.  

That’s not all! You could also follow some simple tricks and tips to improve your brow makeup and also save time on the go.  

Pro Tips for #LC Fam  

Queens don’t stop at basics. They try and slay every small thing they do! And so should you.  

Binge on our pro tips exclusively curated for our slay Queens at #LCFam!  

Tip1: Avoid using single, solid strokes while doing brow makeup. Instead, choose subtle strokes in the direction of your hair growth.  

Tip2: Warm your brow brush before starting the brow makeup as it helps get a more natural finish. 

Tip3: Use a concealer with a flat brush to outline your brows to get an arched brow look. Blend it in to get those effortless high arched brows. 

Tip4: Add a layer of highlighter to your brow bones after brow makeup to get an illuminated brow look.  

With so many Brow-me points to gather, we are sure you are ready to conquer your brow game like a queen! Explore, experiment and create new looks using your favorite brow products every day. Not all brows are the same and hence only YOU know which way to style your brow game. For those taking baby steps into brow makeup, LoveChild’s Brow-Me Points offers an easy-to-use, effortless experience. With a list of go-to brow products for your everyday brow makeup, we are sure you are all set to rock the brow game. Get ready to comb, shape and lock those brows in and let your eyes do the talking.  

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