Best Red Shade Lipsticks for Your Skin Tone

Hey there, lipstick lovers! Today, we're diving into the wonderful world of red shade lipsticks. Let's talk about why they're absolute game-changers in the realm of makeup. Whether you're going for a bold statement or a subtle hint of color, red lipsticks have got your back. Plus, they're incredibly versatile, fitting perfectly for various occasions and every skin tone out there.

Types of Red Lipsticks

Let's start by unravelling the magic of different red shades:

  1. Blood Red

Ah, the classic blood red lipstick! It's like the Beyoncé of lip colors—bold, powerful, and impossible to ignore. This shade is perfect for fair skin tones, giving you that extra oomph you need. Pair it with minimal eye makeup and let your lips do all the talking. Our top recommendation? Take A Dare, a transfer-proof maroon red liquid lipstick that'll keep your pout looking flawless all day long.

  1. Burgundies

Now, if you're feeling a little adventurous, burgundies are here to spice things up. With hints of purple, they're the epitome of boldness. Picture yourself rocking this dark red lipstick with some killer lashes and bold brows—pure Instagram gold! For this daring look, we recommend a shade similar to burgundy, Paan-tastic, a deep wine bullet lipstick that'll give you that velvety matte finish you've been craving.

  1. Brick Reds

Brick reds are like the cool, edgy cousin of regular reds. With subtle orange undertones, they're a perfect match for medium skin tones, especially those with olive or dusky hues. If you're torn between coral and red, brick reds are your sweet spot. Our pick? Get Rollin', a transfer-proof brick nude liquid lipstick that'll have you turning heads wherever you go.

  1. Crimsons

For those days when you want to play it safe but still make a statement, crimsons are your best friend. These pink-based reds are perfect for daytime wear, giving you that fresh, radiant look. Pair it with a killer winged eye, a hint of pink blush, and you're ready to conquer the world! We recommend trying shades like Striker, Kokum Panna, or Twisted to add that extra pop to your makeup routine.

Know Your Undertone

Now, let's get down to the main business and talk about the undertones. Whether you're warm, cool, or neutral, your undertone plays a crucial role in finding your perfect red lipstick match. Check out the undertone shade chart below to help you figure out where you stand.

Once you've determined your undertone, choosing the right red lipstick will get a lot easier. For Cool undertones, blue-based reds and berry hues complement really well. While Warm undertones beautiful in rich brick reds and deep maroon shades- enhancing their warmth. And if you're neutral undertone, well, lucky you—pretty much any red lipstick will look fabulous on you!

Finding the Right Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Let's break it down by skin tones:

Fair Skin Tones

Hey there, fair-skinned beauties! When it comes to rocking red shade lipsticks, you've got a couple of fantastic options. The best red lipstick options for you are usually true reds and blue undertones. They'll beautifully complement your fair complexion and give you that striking, polished finish. Alternatively, if you're feeling a bit adventurous, go for dark red lipstick with a hint of yellow or orange. These shades will add a warm, sunny glow to your lips, perfect for brightening up your look. Embrace cherry reds or pink-based reds for that oh-so-gorgeous pout that'll turn heads wherever you go!

Medium Skin Tones

Hey there medium-skinned crew! Wheatish, olive, dusky—you're all in for a treat when it comes to red shade lipsticks. Cherry reds, ruby reds, and crimson reds are a symphony of colors that dance beautifully on your lips, enhancing your natural radiance. If you feel bold, then dive into the world of best red lipsticks for you with deep reds and burgundy reds. These sultry shades will add depth and drama to your look, making you feel like a million bucks. And let's not forget about those deep berry reds and true reds—they're the perfect balance of sophistication and sass. Plus, if you've got warm undertones, reds with a hint of brown will complement your complexion like a dream. So go ahead, experiment, and find that perfect shade that speaks to your soul!

Deep Skin Tones

To all our deep-skinned beauties out there, you're in luck! When it comes to red shade lipsticks, the world is your oyster. Pretty much any shade will complement your stunning complexion, so feel free to play around and have fun with it. Reach for wines, berries, and brick reds to add depth and dimension to your lips. These rich, luscious hues will make your pout pop and leave you feeling like a total bombshell. Deep-toned ladies, embrace the power of red shade lipsticks with confidence, and feel like the queens you are! Regardless of your undertone, warm dark red lipsticks to blue-toned hues, all shades will accentuate your beauty effortlessly!

Understanding the Textures of Red Lipsticks

Texture also makes a difference in the overall look of the red shade lipsticks you choose. Red lipsticks come in a variety of finishes - matte, a shiny gloss, a creamy satin, or a sparkly glitter. Matte reds give off a fierce, statement-making feel, while glossy ones offer a juicy, luscious shine. Creamy textures provide a smooth, hydrating feel, perfect for everyday wear. And for those who want to add a touch of glamour, glittery reds are the way to go. The best part? Go ahead and mix and match these textures of red lipsticks to suit your mood and occasion!

So there you have it, gorgeous! We've covered everything from finding the perfect shade of red shade lipsticks for your skin tone to exploring different textures. Remember, there's a best red lipstick out there for everyone, and LoveChild is here to help you find yours, don't be afraid to experiment and have fun! Whether you're rocking a brick red lipstick or a glossy blood red lipstick, embrace your inner diva and let your lips do the talking!