Prime Time - A 10/10 base for your makeup game

Everyone wishes for a good skin day, every day. But the daily makeup, pollution, and stress make it impossible for us to have that ‘happily ever after’ with our skin. Sometimes, for a flawless base or a smooth finish for your makeup, you need to find just the perfect Hydrating primer. Which again, is a long journey. But now you can take the break you deserve as LoveChild has the ideal primer makeup! 

We bring to you LoveChild's City-proof Hydrating Primer Premier, enriched with coffee and charcoal water to cushion your skin from environmental and digital pollutants.

Why City Proof - Hydrating Primer Premier is the Best Primer?

We made Hydration a Priority

Let’s not lie to ourselves, we do keep forgetting to keep ourselves hydrated, don’t we? 

Be it “I forgot my bottle at home” or “I just didn’t have the time”, hydration is left far behind in our schedule. But don’t let that affect your skin. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are the elixirs that make your skin radiant and healthy. 

The Ingredients 

Always ensure to look at the ingredients of the primer. The best ones include charcoal water and coffee bean extract that leave your skin energized and protect it from environmental & digital pollution-induced oxidation. Charcoal water helps you remove acne-causing bacteria and leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed. These ingredients also enhance your skin's natural luminosity and make it glow from within.

Increases Makeup-wear Time

Preparing your skin effectively is the most fundamental step. A primer has the actual power to hold your makeup in place and is not just an extra step. Additionally, it makes your skin look absolutely flawless. So going for primers that last long and extend your makeup wear time is a must, as it bridges the gap between skincare and makeup routine. 

Illuminating Primer Premier not only makes your face a smooth canvas but it also ensures that your makeup stays in place all day. Making it your go-to choice for face primers.

We hope to have helped you understand the significance of ingredients that nourish the skin. How the coffee bean and charcoal water-enriched Hydrating Primer Premier is the best option for your primer needs. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself this latest product in the market, and unleash your creativity to create long-lasting make-up looks.


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