‘Lip Gelato’ for Luscious Lips - The Ultra-Luminous Gloss You Always Wanted!

What’s a makeup look without vibrant lip colors?  

Queens know for sure that color-popping lips add a ton of oomph to any basic look! From liquid lipsticks to lip cremes, the new craze is all about making that luscious pout count. While we do know about cremes and lip colors, there is a new buzz in the lip world today – the uber cool Lip Oil! But what exactly is a Lip Oil? Is it a gloss? Or is it a balm? We are here to solve this mystery for all you beauty queens here. Let’s dive right into this new lip range that is winning hearts across the world! 

What is a Lip Oil? 

In simple words, a lip oil is the perfect blend of beauty and nourishment. It is a plant-based oil that blends the goodness of both a lip balm and a lip gloss. 

Lip Balm VS Lip Oil 

Lip balms are dense and are often used as a quick fix from dry, chapped lips. But a lip oil does much more than that! A lip oil goes deep into the skin and moisturizes lips from within to provide a rich, hydrating boost to your lovelies.   

Lip Gloss VS Lip Oil 

You might wonder if a lip oil is the same as a lip gloss. The answer is big NO! A lip gloss only adds superficial shine to your lips. A lip oil, on the other hand, nourishes lips from within and adds a hydrated, glossy shine too. Clearly, a winner! 

The best part about lip oils is that they don’t need to be reapplied as often as a lip balm or a gloss. (So, you can stop stressing over your frequent visits to the vanity room for a lip touch-up).  

You will be surprised to know that some lip oils even provide upto 24 hours of conditioning to lips! 

Why Add ‘Lip Gelato’ to Your Beauty Routine? 

Speaking of lip oils, here’s presenting to you a super hot newbie from the LoveChild Masaba lip range - ‘Lip Gelato’ Tinted Lip Oil! You are going to love its enriching mix of Sweet Almond oil, Shea Butter and Jojoba oil which creates a protective layer that locks in moisture. With its skin loving goodness and the power of Hyaluronic, ‘Lip Gelato’ keeps your lips nourished and hydrated all day long. ‘Lip Gelato’ is also enriched with peach fruit extract that helps reduce signs of pigmentation and tones lips.  

The best part about this lip oil is its vibrant tint!  

If you are in the mood for a luscious light pink, the Raspberry Rose shade of ‘Lip Gelato’ would be the best pick. For a sexy, glossy red, try on the Cherryccino shade and rule the day with hydrated lips. LoveChild Masaba’s ‘Lip Gelato’ also comes in a fruity Guava Glitz shade that adds an aromatic nude shade to lips. Make heads turn with a bold, bossy lip statement with the Badass Black and Brown Berry shades of ‘Lip Gelato’

The coolest part about all these amazing shades is that they come in with their own hint of color and aroma to give you a tempting lip care experience! 

Slay your Way with ‘Lip Gelato’  

Remember when Bella Hadid’s lip oil video had gone viral on social media? Well, yes, you got that right! From makeup enthusiasts to celebs across the world, lip oils seem to be everyone’s favorite.  

You will be delighted to know that LoveChild Masaba’s ‘Lip Gelato’ Tinted Lip Oil can be used in more than one way.   

1) Use As It Is  

If you are one of those who likes to keep things simple, then look no further. With its colorful tinted magic, ‘Lip Gelato’ is hands down the best pick! With five cool shades to choose from, you can simply smear on your favorite ‘Lip Gelato’ and enjoy a hydrated gloss all day! 

2) As a Lip Moisturizer  

For all you beauty queens who love night beauty routines, ‘Lip Gelato’ can be your next favorite in lip care. Apply ‘Lip Gelato’ right before going to bed for an overnight moisturizing effect. Wake up to moisturized and healthy lips! 

How to Use ‘Lip Gelato’? 

Step 1: Twist and remove wand from the pack 

Step 2: Apply directly for a gloss finish, or as a second coat after applying your lipstick. 

Step 3: Work from the centre towards the corner of your lips. 

Must-try – Glossy Nude Look with ‘Lip Gelato’   

For all you gorgeous ladies who love to flaunt a glossy nude makeup look, we are sure you’ll fall in love with ‘Lip Gelato’!  

The Glossy Nude Look 

Step1: Prep your skin with a moisturizer and apply the pore-proof LoveChild ‘Primer Premiere’ evenly on your face. 

Step2: Use the ‘Swipe Right’ Blending Brush to apply your favorite Lights! Camera! Foundation. Make sure you pick the right shade that goes well with your skin tone. 

Step3: Apply basic eye makeup and apply setting powder to fix the look. 

Step4: Smear the Guava Glitz shade of LoveChild Masaba’s ‘Lip Gelato’ on your lips. Start from the centre of the lips and move outwards in a stroke.  

You’re all set to turn heads with a glossy, nude radiance all day!  

With the goodness of both lip balm and lip gloss packed in one, ‘Lip Gelato’ is surely the perfect lip buddy you can have for your daily beauty routine. Sip on your latte with the oomph of a sass queen with this tinted lip oil. Not just ‘Lip Gelato’, LoveChild Masaba lip care range is here to rule with its ‘Like to Sugar Coat’ lip balm range too! Play with the vibrant pocket, bullet and liquid lipsticks from LoveChild Masaba and flaunt a new look every single day. Ready to pout? 

Try on the ‘Lip Gelato’ and share your ‘Lip Gelato’ pout with us on Instagram! Tag us and we’ll feature the best ones on our IG stories! What are you waiting for?