Bold and Beautiful -5 Flattering Lipsticks for Dusky Skin

Do you remember being a young woman and trying on your mother's lipstick collection to act confidently? Ladies, you've come a long way to finally become the woman you've always looked up to. But, is the wrong choice of lip shade for your skin shadowing your confidence? Fret not, we are here to walk you through the process of picking the best long-wear lipstick for dusky skin.

Lips vary in tone and texture, and choosing the perfect shades is an exciting activity. In the contemporary period of topsy-turvy routines, it is natural to make out the perfect lipstick shades from pictures and videos on the internet and Lovechild by Masaba hopes to deliver the best lipstick shades for dusky skin. What matters the most, irrespective of the in-shop experience, is a brand that can offer you styles to make you fall in love with your authentic self. Lovechild has shades of lipstick particularly concocted for dusky women.

Best Lipstick Shades for Dusky Skin from Lovechild by Masaba

1. Hey Sugar (Nude Brown)

Hey Sugar - Nude Brown Lipstick
Dear Brown Girls, consider this: You come home from the shopping trip with your mother with a bag full of chocolate delights for you. How pleasing is that memory? Infinitely precious, isn't it?
We have wrapped that sweet memory in a nude brown bullet lipstick formulated with Vitamin-e, cocoa butter and jojoba oil. Its silky smooth formula is well-suited for dry lips and gives them a velvety matte finish. So, the next time you order a chocolate mousse, remember to say "Hey Sugar".
Save this as your go-to flawless nude lipstick for dusky skin by Lovechild.

2. Pan-tastic (Deep Wine)

Pan-tastic - Deep Wine Lipstick
This shade from our liquid lipstick range is meant to sway away all hearts without leaving a mark (shhh! because it is a transfer-proof wear). Have fun in your mischievous ways with a wine shade that stands out on dusky skin makeup. So the next time you plan a trip to a casino just glide it away.
Pan-tastic is a rich plumped matte lipstick for an elegant date to a museum or a rendezvous at a high tea. Its natural ingredients nourish and sustain the health of your lips so that you can flaunt them in bold shades.
We assure you this will revamp your chest of lipstick shades for dusky skin.

3. Barfee (Coffee Brown)

Bar fee - Coffee Brown Lipstick
Is picking your Americano from your favourite bistro the highlight of your fast-paced mornings? Created with a non-drying formula that brings out the eye colour of brown skin tones with a touch of festive charm, Bar-fee is a rich shade made for ladies who love to stand out in a confab during family gatherings and office discussions.
Its coffee brown hue is highly preferred by women with brown undertones who have a sweet tooth but like their coffee bitter.

4. Hot-Pop (Deep Pink)

Hot-Pop Deep Pink Lipstick
Are you a cotton candy kinda gal who cannot trade fruit and bubblegum-flavoured candies for bitter coffee treats? If you have a dusky rose complexion then we have the perfect deep pink lipstick to compliment those cheeks.
Re-live those spring and summer moments with a mauve that stands out even on rainy days.
Hot-pop is a velvet matte lipstick made for gals who love ice cream dates and would not trade playdates at the amusement park for a disco night. What are you waiting for? Unleash the child within and have fun to the content of your heart.

5. Sour-casm - Luxe Matte

Sour-casm - Luxe Matte Lipstick
Speaking of treats ladies, we can never go wrong with sour orange candies when reliving our childhood. Add that zing to your everyday lipstick for dusky skin. Sour-casm orange lipstick is a playful blend of a rusty hue and smooth matte finish which makes it the ideal addition to your collection of dusky skin lipstick shades.

We love the goddess-like personalities from period dramas - the skin, the makeup and everything bewitching. We hope that each of you ladies can embrace your authentic skin and decide on the perfect lipstick for dusky skin that highlights your features. All the shades we mentioned are bound to sway your hearts and make you enjoy life as the main character. Be bold and have fun with Lovechild!