Find Your Perfect Match: Top Natural Looking Lipstick Shades

Hey beauty lovers! Welcome to the world of natural-looking lipstick shades that never go out of style. If you're into makeup that's more on the natural side, you're in for a treat! These lipsticks by LoveChild by Masaba are perfect for everyday use, whether you're heading to the office, college, or a special event where you want a more elegant look. So, let's check out LoveChild by Masaba's lipstick collection, your new best friend for that everyday look.

Tips for Choosing the Right Natural Lipstick Shade

Picking the right natural lipstick shade is like choosing the right playlist for your mood - it needs to fit just right. Here's a guide to help you select your soulmate in lipsticks:

Know Your Skin Undertones: You may be wondering why knowing one’s skin tone is essential for choosing the right lip color. Well, being aware of your skin tone helps select a lip color that is in sync with your natural look. Peachy or golden pink shades complement warm skin undertones, while lip colors with blue or purple hues enhance cool undertones. Neutrals? Lucky you, with neutral tones, explore a world of lipstick shades like rosy pinks, subtle mauves, and earthy tones that effortlessly enhance your unique complexion. 

Lipstick Shades: With LoveChild by Masaba’s range, you can play with delightful Pink shades, classic Nude shades, and Earthy Brown shades - each shade ready to blend beautifully with skin tones of all types. To find the perfect shade for you, refer to the LoveChild by Masaba shade card below: 

Finish It Off Right: Whether you love the matte sophistication or embrace the glossy fun, the finish of your lipstick can truly transform your look. Lipsticks with a matte finish bring an elegant vibe, ideal for workdays or chic evenings. Glossy lipsticks, on the other hand, add a hydrated and playful touch.

Pro Tip for LC Fam: If you have pigmentation around and on the lips, use a concealer as a base before applying the lip color. This will help create an even tone and give the lips a seamless, natural look. 

Dive into LoveChild by Masaba’s Lip Color Palette

  1. Gulabi Rum Punch - True Pink Elegance
  • Shade Name: Gulabi Rum Punch Lip Crème
  • Shade Color: True Pink Lip Crème
  • Finish: Buttery Soft Matte

Imagine a shade that’s as playful as your favorite rom-com and as elegant as your go-to little black dress. That's Gulabi Rum Punch for you. This shade is a breath of fresh air in a world of overdone reds. It's perfect for a day when you feel bubbly and bright, ready to take on the world with a smile.

  1. Meetha Jaljeera - Mauve Magic:
  • Shade Name: Meetha Jaljeera Lip Crème
  • Shade Color: Mauve Pink Lip Crème
  • Finish: Buttery Soft Matte

Here comes a shade that’s as intriguing as its name. Meetha Jaljeera is the epitome of sophistication - a perfect blend of mauve and pink that suits every mood and occasion. It's like that versatile wardrobe staple that never lets you down, whether you’re dressing up for a date night or a professional meet-up.

  1. Eye Candy - A Peachy Nude Shade Perfection:
  • Shade Name: Eye Candy
  • Shade Color: Peach Nude
  • Formula: Creamy Matte
  • Finish: Velvet Matte

Eye Candy is the embodiment of subtlety. This peachy nude tone is the holy grail for those days when you want to look effortlessly chic. A go-to lipstick for daily use, this peach nude offers a fresh, breezy vibe that’s just right for a sun-kissed brunch or a casual day at the office.

  1. Caramel - Mauve Nude Elegance:
  • Shade Name: Caramel
  • Shade Color: Nude Pink
  • Formula: Creamy Matte
  • Finish: Velvet Matte

Caramel - a shade that exudes elegance without even trying. This Nude Pink is for those moments when you want to make a statement without saying a word. It’s the perfect companion for your power suits and your favorite party dresses, making it the best lipstick shade for a natural look.

Applying Natural Lipstick Like a Pro

Mastering the art of applying lipstick is like learning a new language, just kidding! It’s quite easy - it’s all about the right technique. 

  • First, start with a clean canvas - exfoliate those lips, removing all the dead skin and making them soft! 
  • Use a lip liner in a similar shade to your lipstick, this helps define your lips and make your lipstick last longer. 
  • Finally, apply the lipstick from the center to the corners, and voila! You’re ready to rock your natural look.

Navigating the world of lipsticks best suited for your skin tone is now simpler. With a range of natural looking lip colors, LoveChild by Masaba’s collection offers confident choices for any occasion. So, go ahead, pick YOUR perfect lip color and be part of the natural beauty revolution. Share your experiences, flaunt your styles, and let every lipstick tell your story. 

Whether it’s the playful elegance of Gulabi Rum Punch, the sophisticated charm of Meetha Jaljeera, the subtlety of Eye Candy, or the soft captivation of Caramel, the LoveChild by Masaba collection ensures a shade for every mood.

Which lip color are YOU going to pick today?