Beauty Lies in the Under-Eyes – So ‘Roll with It’ with LoveChild by Masaba

Eyes speak a language of their own. Especially under eyes. Puffy under-eyes say you need to relax and get some sleep. Most people, especially those in their late 20s and 30s, tend to grapple with dark under-eyes and often keep looking for a quick fix. Enter LoveChild by Masaba’s ‘Roll with It’ Under Eye Cream – the instant depuff for your under-eyes. Before we dive deeper into this awesome product, let's understand why under-eye care should be a part of your beauty routine. 

Why Under-Eye Care is Essential 

With a chaotic urban lifestyle, stress is an inseparable part of most of our lives. Stress often joins hands with signs of aging and reflects as wrinkles, creases and fine lines; all of which are caused by loss of skin elasticity. Especially under-eye skin has less collagen as compared to other parts and is therefore more prone to creasing and wrinkling. However, taking care of under-eyes can help retain elasticity and firmness to stay away from coarse aging signs and dark circles. Catching up on an ideal amount of sleep and staying hydrated can help battle dark circles in the long run. But if you are  looking for a quick fix to hide the pigmented under-eyes for work calls, using the right under-eye cream can help in a significant manner.  

When to Use Under-Eye Creams? 

While under-eye care is an essential part of daily makeup routines, there are some cases where under-eyes may need extra attention. Some of the most common under-eye problems include dark circles which commonly appear asraccoon eyes. Dark circles appear as highly pigmented areas under the eyes and are mostly a sign of stress and sleeplessness. Some other under-eye problems include puffiness caused by fluid retention in the under eyes. Signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and creases are also common under-eye problems that people face over time.  

A good under-eye cream helps boost collagen production in under eye regions. This in turn helps improve the elasticity and gives firmness to the under eyes over a period of time. These creams are also equipped with lightening and hydrating ingredients that help brighten undereyes and tackle hyper pigmentation.  

Why Choose LoveChild Masaba’s ‘Roll with It’?  

Speaking of choosing a good under-eye cream, LoveChild by Masaba’s ‘Roll with It’ Under-eye cream is an ideal choice for daily use. Handy and compact, this travel-friendly product is a must have if you are dealing with dark circles. Enriched with the goodness of Peptilium and Viamarine, ‘Roll with It’ Under-Eye Cream instantly depuffs under-eyes. Curated using the latest in technology, this formulation helps brighten and lighten pigmentation of the under-eyes over time. LoveChild by Masaba’s ‘Roll with It’ Under-eye cream is made using Actiflo El technology which strengthens the under-eye skin barrier and helps reduce dark circles. The Osilifit technology helps smoothen under-eyes giving it an instant firmness. Carry it around in your bag and use it to depuff under-eyes on the go. With a simple twist and lock system, ‘Roll with It’ is also easy to pack into your makeup kit - an effortless roll-on for brighter and refreshed under-eyes! 

Do’s and Don'ts of Using Eye Creams 

Considering the fragility of the under-eye region, it is necessary to be aware of how to and how NOT to use under-eye creams. Here are a few dos and don’ts that you can follow while stepping into under-eye care.  


The very first step to starting under-eye care is to start with a cleansed face to avoid residual dirt and impurities from settling in.  Next, make sure you take a small amount of the product on the tip of the finger and apply it as gently as possible. Use the Dotting technique while application to ensure an even spread over the region. Apply the product in dots starting from the top bone of the outer edge and move inwards. You can also try using a cold spoon under the eyes to decrease puffiness before application. 


Avoid rubbing the product aggressively as the under-eye region is sensitive to pressure and might end up creasing further. Avoid pulling the under-eye skin outwards while applying the product to avoid creasing and loosening of under eye skin.  

With so many benefits revealed, we are sure you are all set to take your under-eye care to the next level. It’s time to add LoveChild by Masaba’s ‘Roll with It’ into your daily makeup routine right away. Enjoy an instant boost of hydration and say goodbye to puffy under-eyes with ‘Roll with It’. You can also combine this beauty regimen with LoveChild by Masaba’s Face Mist and Sheet Masks available at a click. What are you waiting for? Go on and add the roll to your spa day!